Skin Treatments To Glow On Your Wedding Day

By Bhumika Kateliya

Jul 15, 2018

From dress fittings and shoe hunting to locking in a venue and finalizing floral arrangements – there’s so much wedding planning that you compromise on your beauty plans. Yes, we understand that it’s not easy to juggle all of it but if you stick to a beauty regimen, your face will radiate your inner joy! Earlier, women depended on salons and parlors to meet their wedding beauty needs, but modern brides turn to dermatologists and certified experts to help them look their best. Here’s a simple guide to get you gorgeous in time for your day.

Beauty Treatments Should be at least 6 months out from the Day

The ideal time to start professional cosmetic treatments is 6 months in advance. This is because many beauty treatments require multiple sessions stretched out over several months. Let’s face it, most of us do not have the clear flawless skin we have always dreamed about but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get gorgeous… with a little help! There are several treatments to choose from and you should discuss the pros and cons of each one with your dermatologist before you decide on a treatment plan. More complex skin problems generally require a combination of treatments.

Chemical peels are popular bridal treatments as they are very effective in treating acne scars and pigmentation as well as improving skin tone and texture. Superficial chemical peels are ideal for superficial scars while medium-depth peels are the best option for deeper scars – the best person to decide which one is right for your skin is your dermatologist. Similarly, laser treatments will eliminate or reduce superficial and deep scars as well as shrink enlarged pores. Procedures like subcision are meant to target specific depressed scars while micro needling improves scars by stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Beauty Treatments for 3 or fewer months before

Your cosmetic treatments at 6 months targeted the deeper layers of your skin to improve skin texture. During the last couple of months before your wedding, you should focus on surface treatments to reduce spots, darkened patches, fine lines, and enlarged pores. For instance, a chemical peel with TCA (trichloroacetic acid) or retinol can help to get rid of stubborn scars and darkened skin patches. If you were lucky enough to escape severe acne during your teens, your dermatologist might suggest microdermabrasion instead as this will help to rejuvenate your skin and give you an even skin tone. Q-switch laser treatments are ideal for getting rid of tanning and brown spots for a clearer complexion. You can also opt for a back polishing treatment to give your skin a naturally clear glow.

Avoid trying any new treatments 30 days before the wedding. Beauticians and parlors often try to push new treatments on their clients even a week before the wedding but it is unwise to try any new treatments in the month before the wedding. Many brides choose one beauty treatment for their entire bridal party but it is better to ask your dermatologist to decide on individual treatments for each person depending on their skin type and requirements. Follow the beauty plan that suits you the best and you’ll be picture-perfect on your special day.

Take care of yourselves and glow on your big day! Have a happy wedding and a great marriage thereafter.