Slay Your Selfie Game

By Julia Jones

Mar 19, 2019

We all know that a good selfie game is a huge benefit to us! It does not matter who you are, what your lifestyle is like, or how active you are on social media it’s nice to be able to snap one maybe two photos of yourself before being happy with the end result. Today let’s talk about how to learn to slay your selfie game; so you never have to retake a photo again!

First things first, I lied.

Chances are, you’re going to have to get used to taking lots of photos still. Especially while you’re still figuring out how to take great photos. So, take a lot of pictures and go through them, see what worked for you and what you hated. Whatever worked, see if you can recreate it easily or improve upon it at all. Once you have a few ideas for how you like your body posed, it’s time to move on.

Invest in a stand for your phone

I’ve seen people use selfie sticks, I’ve seen them make tripods, I’ve seen them tape their phone to the wall create a stand out of a paper cup, and even old gift cards. Get creative or get on Amazon and find a few things to help! Don’t forget to make the most of your timer.

Now let’s talk about a few tips to make the selfie a success

  • Make sure the area is clean
  • Find good lighting
  • Try using the flash and try not using it; see what works best for you and that photo
  • Find your bad angels
  • Find the good ones as well
  • Think of something funny if you’re going to smile; that way the smile is genuine and will show not just on your lips but also in your eyes
  • Hold your arm a couple of inches away from your body if you’re worried about your arms looking “flabby” or too big
  • Look just above the camera
  • Lean against a wall to look more relaxed and enhance your curves
  • When sitting, lean forward to make your waist look smaller and your hips look larger
  • Mix and match with angels. Does a lower angle or a higher one work for you? Do you tend to like being a little off center? Find what works best for you!
  • Don’t be scared to try tried-and-true poses! There is a reason there are some angels, poses, etc that everyone uses!

About filters…

Simple fact: If you want to use filters, have fun! Don’t let anyone shame you for having fun with filters- but please remember that filters are just that, fun. If you take a lot of photos make sure that you have at least a couple of yourself with no filters, and maybe even no makeup because honestly, you’re gorgeous the way you are! Learning to slay your selfie game is about taking photos you love so you are happy when you see them not about hiding how gorgeous you are just as you are.

Selfies don’t just have to be your face!

Don’t just make a seflie about your face. It can be about so much more. Let your hands do the talking for a while; show people what you’re working on, what products you’re loving, what you’re passionate about or who you care about by showing those things in your hands or your arms.

Use your legs to show off what you’ve been up to, where you’ve been, or what you’re looking forward to, or use your feet for the same. Either way, kick your feet up, include them in a candid shot and never have to worry about filters, makeup, or brushing your hair again!