Small Town Sugaring

By Egan

Sep 26, 2016

Being a part of the Sugar World can be fun, exhilarating and add plenty of sweetness. It’s encouraging to hear all these stories of successful Babies catching some amazing POTs…but what if you’re fishing in a much smaller pond? Here’s some advice on small town Sugaring.


If you are looking to stay local and live in a small town, you have to understand that your selection is going to be significantly smaller and possibly nonexistent. If their is a perfect POT in your city chances are competition is going to be fierce. Otherwise there might not be the quality of POT you are looking for. If your allowance is set to medium or high your search is going to go on for quite a while. Be prepared for POT’s who can’t afford as much spoiling, and be very patient. Make sure to switch up your profile, and use some of these tips to get more profile views. 


In a small town, people run into each other a lot more. Be prepared to be seen on dates with potentially much older POTs. Are you comfortable with that? If you’re looking for a discreet arrangement you may not want to look for POTs in your town and maybe not even the town next to you. If you are adamant about staying local but don’t want people to gossip you should be prepared with a cover story or just chose to have your date locations a little further away.  


It’s the obvious answer. You will have access to more POTs and varying quality levels when you increase how far you are willing to travel to meet them. On top of the added variety, it’s a lot easier to keep your private life private in a city you don’t go to regularly.  Anything within an hour is more than reasonable if you think of the potential benefits. For the first date, it’s ok to ask him to meet you at a halfway point, especially if they are over an hour away. Though successful people may have less time, so be prepared to make the entire journey.   


POT’s generally like to be in charge but if you are in a small town it’ll probably take a little more effort for you to find a good match. If it’s a POT you think would be a good match be proactive.  Message them first, after chatting a bit don’t be shy about suggesting a meet. Playing coy has it’s time and place but if you want to secure an arrangement it’s not the time to be coy about it. Make sure not to flake and be flexible since that will set you apart from other SBs.


When securing arrangements, make sure to go over details that will make life easier. What your story is if you run into people you know, the how you met and all that. If you’re going to be traveling, either to a different city or even another state, figure out the frequency of your meetings and the logistics of getting to and from your dates.  


Some Sugar Babies don’t have success in a small town with local Sugar Daddies, no matter how hard you try, there may never be someone within a few miles of you. Don’t be afraid to explore your options. Becoming a virtual Sugar Baby, or making trips to a larger city to meet POTs on your own might be a better option than playing the waiting game.
Living in a small town presents a couple added challenges in the Sugar World, but if you are putting in an honest effort it will eventually pay off. Don’t be discouraged. Make sure your profile is perfect. Be prompt and clear in communications. Be confident and proactive then you will find an arrangement. Now go forth and Sugar! Feel free to add any other tips for small town Sugaring below.