Spoil your Sugar Daddy with Gifts

By Malia

Aug 11, 2016

Let’s say you have an ongoing SD who spoils you, how do you return the favor? Typically, around my second or third allowance, I show my appreciation by sprinkling some Sugar right back on him. I consider it an investment since it shows your SD that you are capable of giving and receiving. This triggers the law of reciprocity. So go ahead and take the lead on gifting, he will appreciate it.

What do you buy someone who can afford anything? The good news; Sugar Daddies aren’t expecting a gift, and don’t expect things of monetary value. In most cases the “just because” gifts are the most valued ones, because they are unexpected.

Here are a few things to consider before you buy him anything…

  1. Discretion for Married Daddies

Always make sure not to gift anything that might create suspicion at home. A pair of silk briefs, matching underwear or cologne are out of question. Think instead about giving him a token of appreciation. These are the gifts he could seemingly have come from a business associate or close friend.

A few examples of gifts that won’t raise any red flags:

  • A high quality cup to keep his drink conveniently chilled all day long. Think of a Yeti insulated cup for the hottest temperatures in FL.
  • A rechargeable phone case: He’s probably answering emails and making phone calls all day and night. A thoughtful gift for a busy SD would be a rechargeable Mophie battery pack. It’s a simple gift that he can use every day.
  • Cufflinks: while you can shop relatively cheap at Off Fifth Saks or Nordstrom Rack, cufflinks are the quintessential detail for any formal affair.
  1. Be inspired by his interests

Consider his favorite sports’ teams, the music he listens, the books he reads, or the way he chooses to unwind.

  • For the bookworm, stay on top of his favorite author’s new releases and surprise him with the gift.
  • Get an inexpensive item autographed by his favorite team, such as a hockey puck, or baseball.
  • Does he workout? Buy him a month’s supply of protein powders and supplements, or a new exercise outfit.
  • For the jetsetter, swing by The Container Store for an inexpensive luggage organizer.
  • Does he golf? Make weekend reservations for him at the driving range.

Again, these are all inexpensive, small gifts but they’ll carry sentimental value. He’ll know that you’re paying attention to detail.

  1. Think Practicality

Last but not least, think of gifts that he can use frequently in his daily life. Arrangements may be long distance and infrequent, and those little gifts can be reminders of what you two share.

A few useful (yet very functional) gifts he can use daily include:

  • Tie Organizer
  • Designer passport case
  • Fancy clock for his desk
  • Luggage tags
  • Travel-size cigar humidor

Of course, gifting your Daddy requires you to have fun shopping – one of the many perks of Sugar!