Staying Safe in Sugar

By Ava Kinsey

Aug 02, 2016

It’s no secret that on any dating site you are going to have a few bots and scam artists posing as potentials. While SeekingArrangement does what they can to prevent members from interacting with scammers but the fact is, they still exist. Whether it’s in the form of wealthy benefactors wishing to take advantage of beautiful girls, or Salt Babies ready to wipe out a bank account, here are some tips for staying safe in Sugar to keep you protected.

Your Profile

Your profile should not include any indication of your identity. This includes your name, the company you work for, your address (yes, I’ve seen someone’s address on their profile), your phone number, your email address or a searchable picture. Any picture you use for your profile or in communication with another member should not be used on any other form of social media.

Pictures are able to be reverse image searched; this means that if one of your pictures also happens to be on another social media platform it can easily be found and linked exposing you to potential blackmail and cyber security risks we’ll touch on later. Allow your SA profile to showcase your personality and what makes you a catch but safeguard it from showcasing personal information.

Interacting With Other Members

At one point or another, you’re going to be in communication with other members. But until you’ve met in person, you don’t know who’s sitting on the other side of the computer screen. With messages, keep specific details about yourself to a minimum. This includes your first and last name, the name of family members, your pets name, your birthday, the company you work for or run and specific details that could be the answer to security questions for your email, bank accounts, etc.

The First Meet

There is nothing quite like the first meeting. You get butterflies, there’s excitement and mystery, you never know quite what to expect! Without raining on your parade, I need you to be aware of some first date safety rules. Always meet in public. This should go without saying but sadly, it needs to be said. When you’re selecting which public place to meet in, choose a location you do not frequent since frequenting a location gives a potential stalker insight into your habits.

Instead, choose a location you’ve been to once or twice so you are familiar with it. If you are a female, arrive earlier than your date and befriend another female that works at the establishment. Let her know you’re going on a first date and ask if she is comfortable keeping an eye on you. There is no such thing as being too protective and asking someone else for help is nothing to be embarrassed about. Be proactive.

Always tell a friend where you are. When I go on first and second dates I send my confidant my location. By enabling this feature on my phone my confidant is able to know where I am at all times. If I were in danger and sent her my SOS text she would be able to notify authorities of my location. There is also beautiful jewelry that has GPS tracking and discreet buttons you can push if you’re in danger that will dispatch help to you.

Never leave your drink unattended. If you need to excuse yourself to freshen up always finish the drink you have at the table prior to walking away or don’t take another sip from it afterward. If you suspect you’ve been drugged notify staff, a and confidant from your phone immediately. Do not return to your date but instead find a safe place within the establishment.

Don’t go home with someone on your first date. If you are a wealthy benefactor inviting your date home without first knowing them, it opens up opportunities for you to be robbed or worse. As a SB I don’t recommend going home with someone that you hardly know as it could lead to sexual assault, rape, abduction or worse. It doesn’t matter how charming your date was, intimacy and discussions behind closed doors can wait until you know and trust one another a bit more.

What To Do

If a member of SA is a scammer or is dangerous, always notify SeekingArrangement Support immediately and be able to provide proof. If you have a stalker from the site document each encounter and notify the police as well as SA. Notify SA of any dangerous or suspicious members and provide proof of encounters, police reports and text/email exchanges.

We all want connection, and for Sugar Babies it’s more than just a connection. Some want to feel spoiled and appreciated, some want help meeting their financial needs, and a slim margin want to scam, stalk or hurt you. Be aware, practice safety both online and in person and know what to do if you find yourself in a questionable situation.