Staying In Shape While Sugaring

By Danielle

Nov 16, 2017

I’ve always been very thin and try to stay toned. But within just a few weeks of first joining the sugar bowl, I noticed my weight start to creep up. Going out to dinner and drinks several times a week with POTs just doesn’t do your waistline any favors. Here are some tips I learned to keep my body in check and staying in shape while Sugaring.

Pick the Restaurant

If he hasn’t already suggested a place or asks where you would like to go, do some research to find the healthiest local options. As a general rule, seafood, Mediterranean, and sushi are usually better options than Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and steakhouses.

Check the Menu

Go online and try to pick out what you want to order ahead of time. Some restaurants even list calorie information online. Otherwise, you can plug different options into MyFitnessPal to find out the nutrition facts. This way, you won’t be tempted by unhealthy dishes in the heat of the moment. Moreover, if he tries to make suggestions or order some dishes for the two of you to share, you can tell him that something on the menu already caught your eye.

Make Healthy Choices

You don’t always have to order something bland, like a salad or grilled chicken. Try making smart choices about things you like, such as asking for the sauce on the side and saving half of your portion to take home for leftovers. You can also make some substitutions, but try not to go crazy with this or it might come off as high-maintenance to your POT. I also like to try and use the opportunity to order some healthy dishes I normally wouldn’t be able to afford, like high-quality fish. This makes healthy eating feel more like a treat than a restriction.

Limit sugary drinks. Stick to wine when possible. Of course, you also should limit your alcohol intake in general. In addition to adding calories, alcohol impacts your judgment and could result in eating more than you had intended. Know your limit and be firm with it.

Order What You Want

Many men (especially SDs) like to take care of the ordering and just pick a bunch of things off the menu. It makes them feel like they’re taking care of you. And if you’re in great shape, it wouldn’t be uncommon for them to make comments insisting you have what they order because, “You don’t need to watch your weight; you look great!”

Rather than giving in, be courteous but assertive. Thank him for the compliment, but explain that eating healthy is important to you and maybe even address that it’s how you stay in shape to begin with. If he still pushes, he isn’t being respectful. Pass on that second date and move on.

Balance it Out

No matter what, eating out is going to yield more calories than eating at home. So make up for it the rest of the time! Try incorporating regular exercise, four to six days a week. Focus on weight lifting more than cardio, so you can build muscle and continue to burn calories beyond your workout. If you’re not a fan of weights, other forms of strength training, like Pilates and Barre can fit the bill.

It’s also important to eat very healthy the rest of the time. Cut sugar and processed foods and up your intake of vegetables and lean proteins. Learn to cook some basic dishes. In addition, if you know you’re going out for a big dinner, you can eat lighter the rest of that day. Also try to limit stress, which can contribute to weight gain. Therapy or self-care are great ways to work towards this.