Stress and the Holidays

By Princess Aly

Dec 02, 2016

The holidays are coming up, and it can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed with all the festive cheer. With family coming in and out of town, Christmas shopping, and for the college SB’s, finals, things can start to get out of hand. In the midst of stress and the holidays, we need to step back and remember to take a moment for ourselves. This way, the only thing coming unraveled this Christmas are the ribbons on your presents!

Stretch Out

If you’re seeking to find a calming alternative while also maintaining your figure, try out a yoga or pilates class. It’s easy to establish a yoga or pilates routine that works for you and fits into your busy schedule. All you have to do is find a quiet spot and begin! Or, if you need a little away time, join a class! It gives you a break from the madness and an opportunity to meet new friends.

Go for a run. Either in a park, around the neighborhood, or on a walking track at a fitness center. A little cardio to get the blood flowing gives you that boost you need to get motivated. This will allow you sometime to clear your mind of holiday worries.

If running is not for you, then go for a walk. You get the same benefits without the fatigue, and a walk through the park right before sunset is something to marvel at. All you need are your running shoes, some comfy clothes, and earbuds if you want to rock out to your favorite songs (or just take in the sounds of nature).

Calming Hobbies

Having a hobby that you can take on the road with you is a great way to unwind on the go. Take up knitting–yes knitting (or crocheting). It’s not just for Grandma anymore. If you need something to keep your hands busy, then this is perfect. Your fidgety fingers will be occupied and the repetitive motion will send you into a Zen-like state.

Keep a journal. Sometimes, you just have to let it out, and a journal is the perfect outlet. Keep a small one in your purse for when you need to jot down events from your day, story ideas that pop into your head, or you simply want to rant. If writing isn’t your strong point but still interests you, then you can get a journal that has writing prompts for you to choose from.

If you lean on the more creative side, then a sketch diary is a must-have in your purse. This can be for your mini-masterpieces or random doodles. If your mind is too preoccupied to come up with any ideas, then you can get a sketchbook that provides hundreds of ideas so you don’t have to drive yourself crazy thinking of what to draw.

Friend Date

Nothing is more therapeutic than time with friends. Make a date to meet up for coffee, lunch, or whenever fits best and catch up. The time with your friends will give you a much needed break.

Talk to Daddy

If other obligations are pulling you in every direction and you don’t have much time to work with and find that you might have to cancel a date with daddy, be sure to let him know as soon as possible. Let him know that you’ve found yourself busier than normal due to the holidays and end of the year responsibilities.

He’ll understand that you have your own life, and if he has a family of his own, chances are he has the same dilemma. Just remember to keep communication open, that way you are both on the same page.