Sugar Baby Body

By Zenya Rose

Jul 10, 2017

Is your summer body exactly where you want it to be? What about your halloween body, those sexy outfits can be unforgiving. You may be in relatively good shape but bored with your current workout regimen. These are workouts to give a try when it comes to perfecting your already drool worthy Sugar Baby body.


If you love to dance then Zumba class is the place for you! The reggaeton rhythm is infectious and could make even the shyest wallflower ready to move. Zumba is an hour of cardio that more closely resembles an hour at your favorite dance club. All that is missing are the guys and the drinks !

Since it is cardio, Zumba is a great choice for weight loss. If that is a goal for you , it is worth looking into. Women in an average weight range are going to burn between 350-650 calories. Pair that with some water and you’ll be shimmying into some crop tops very soon!


I have personally never been a big yoga person. I get bored during the poses. My mind wanders. I guess my chakras just aren’t aligned. I’ve never gone to a yoga class that I felt was a substantial workout. If you feel similarly, or even if you like yoga, I highly suggest you check out aerial.

Aerial yoga is like yoga but to me it is sexier. Getting all wrapped up in the curtain-like sheets that dangle from the ceiling make you feel like an extra in Cirque Du Soleil. And because of the hardware required. it is not something to can do within the comfort of your own home. It requires venturing out and meeting new people. I felt absolutely, wonderfully, and magically at ease at the end of my first aerial yoga class and I recommend it to anyone who is curious about it. What do you have to lose?


Pole dancing is obviously one of the sexiest workouts a person can get into, but what they don’t tell you is how much work it is on your arms. If you are looking to trim down your arms or tone them up pole dancing is calling your name! It is hard holding yourself up on a pole and trying to make it look easy while you do.

Pole really taught me how to dance in a new way. The transitions from one move to the next are all dripping in sensuality to music that drowns in innuendos. Pole is classically sexy in a way that I had never known without the right instruction. Much like Zumba, these are moves you can take from the gym to the club to the bedroom.

Pro tip: Don’t wear lotion to class. You will just end up slipping and sliding all over the place.


Curves are in right now. Thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians literally cashing in on their hourglass figures women are flocking to get that perfect pear shape. If you are built like me, that is easier said than done. I’ve always been thin. In a body con dress I look like Olive Oil from Popeye. I’ve never had the curves that I’ve grown to covet and genetically the odds aren’t looking too goof either.

So until I can find a Sugar Daddy willing to fund my Brazilian butt lift it is to the gym I go. You can build a booty, and thick thighs. You can tighten your abs and minimize your waist. Don’t worry about looking masculine, I guarantee those female bodybuilders you are afraid of looking like didn’t get that way from curling 20 pound dumbbells.

Weight lifting is totally dependent on technique so if you find yourself interested in building curves I highly suggest taking a class to get a good foundation. Then venturing out on your own when you feel the most comfortable. Ask an employee at the gym if you are doing things correctly, they are paid to be there and answer your questions. Ask that cute guy you’ve been eyeing how to use a machine. Guy LOVE teaching girls about something they know very well.


If you don’t like to leave the comfort of your own home, check out Youtube for all your fitness needs. There are full yoga, Zumba, weightlifting, and dance classes. All you have to pay for is your internet connection and you are good to go! Many other apps that you can keep on your phone like Sweat by Kayla Itsines will walk you through your workouts from beginning to end. You don’t have to plan what you are going to work on that day because it is all decided for you. You just have to get the app.


The saying goes you can’t out exercise a bad diet and it is true. Even if you did each of these workouts on a daily basis, it will be incredibly difficult for you to meet your goals if you are eating crap on a daily basis. Whatever your goals may be try using the MyFitnessPal app. I use it to track my calories which can be as easy as scanning a barcode with your phone’s camera. The app tracks more than just your calories, it can tell you if you are eating too much sugar or if your meal is high in salt and saturated fats.

Whatever outlet you choose, you’re sure to break out of your current boring workout routine