Sugar Baby Diet Tips

By Rachel

Dec 04, 2015

The holidays are upon us, which for our bodies can only mean one thing–excess calories. Between the open bars at holiday parties, the baked goods at work functions, and delicious pumpkin spice and eggnog lattes at Starbucks, we are all potential victims to holiday weight gain, sometimes leaving even our yoga pants a little snug. Have no fear fellow Sugar Babies, we have some sweet diet tips to help you enjoy the festivities with no regrets.

Trim the Trimmings
To deprive yourself of all the tasty treats December has to offer would be torture. But small cutbacks, and skipping on the little things can add up and in a good way. If you’re getting a festive drink, skip the whip cream. Or take a half a cookie instead of a full one, we call this trimming the calories. Small cut outs do make a difference. You should always leave events, or the dinner table, feeling satisfied, not stuffed like a Christmas stocking. If you find yourself overindulging at a party, grab a piece of gum or seltzer water.

Festive Exercise
Too busy to hit the gym this month? Try activities that keep you moving. Ice skating, sledding, and dancing are all fun things you can do right now. Even power walking around the mall during your holiday shopping burns calories. As much as we all want to cuddle up and Netflix this winter, getting out and moving around will help keep your body slender.

Balance the Booze
The first thing we tend to reach for during the holidays is a hot toddy or spiked hot cocoa. There’s no doubt shopping, traveling, parties and visiting with family can be stressful. We sometimes need that Mimosa first thing in the morning or a dirty martini with dinner to ease the nerves, but the biggest culprit to holiday weight gain is the liquid calories. Alcoholic drinks are loaded with them– especially holiday favorites with eggnog or simple syrup. Try alternating non-alcoholic drinks, or choose to drink only certain days of the month. Days that you choose to indulge in treats, skip the booze and vice versa. All of these can help create balance within your diet this season.

Portion Control
Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We learn this from an early age. But that doesn’t seem to stop our want for everything we see, especially when the glorious presentation of food pairs with the delicious smell in the air. What to do when everything looks too irresistible not to touch? First, be selective. Fill most of the plate with veggies, fruits and protein options. Then only choose two “unhealthy” options to put on your plate. When you are eating, chew slow and take sips of water in between bites. Your brain doesn’t start to feel full until 20 mins after your stomach does, so pace yourself to avoid overeating.You’ll find you might not even feel the need for seconds. Deck the halls of your home, not piles on your plate.

Wear Fitted Clothing
When the temperatures get too cold, we want nothing more than our Victoria Secret yoga pants and a cozy sweatshirt, however most women gain weight during the winter months because that becomes the everyday look. While there is nothing wrong with being comfortable, try to wear tighter, fitted clothing. Wear jeans instead of leggings when running errands and when going to a party or holiday function, always opt for a tighter, fitted dress. We are women thus born to want to look great–therefore, we would rather suck it in or throw on a pair of Spanx to fit into the perfect dress. Let these little helpers aide you for when to put down the fork and swap champagne for water. January will thank you later.

How else do you keep off the holiday weight?