Sugar Baby Must Haves When Traveling

By Bhumika Kateliya

Jun 15, 2018

All the wanderlust sugar babies over there would jump up on the name of a trip. It is the most exciting thing to rediscover you while discovering new spaces around the world. However, travel can turn into an uncomfortable nightmare if you forgot to bring along something you absolutely need. Remember, you might not find everything you want at the destination you are traveling to. So, even to have fun you need to be well planned and organized to a certain level. What are we for, if you can’t help our sugar babies to make a must-take list on their travel adventures?

The Luggage

First things first, choosing the right luggage will make the world of a difference to your travel. You need to make sure your luggage is of appropriate size. Don’t end up taking too many bags; you will end up spending most of your vacation on dragging those babies around. Also, don’t stuff all your things into one bag which makes it difficult to find anything. Get a comfortable luggage that can fit in all your things and also one you can easily carry around.

Primary Priorities


Clothes are going to take up most of your baggage space. Hence you need to be smart while carrying clothes. While making sure you carry extra clothes, you also need to keep the luggage space in mind. It is a great thing to carry light clothes can be worn as layers. Borrow some style tips from magazines and fashion blogs to pull off these looks. This way you can adjust your attire according to the climate without carrying many clothes. Don’t forget to pack a good pair of sneaker just in case you need to walk a lot on your trip. Carry a jacket that can be also used as a rain jacket. If you are going to beach destinations do carry your bikinis and swimsuits.


Carry your accessories carefully. Especially if you are taking expensive or delicate accessories with you make sure you have kept them safe. Refrain from carrying heavy metal jewelry. Pack your hats, sunglasses, and scarfs no matter which destination you are going to. They can come very handy.


Don’t leave your lifelines behind. Make sure you are carrying your mobile phone and a spare one just in case. It is always smart to take a tablet, laptop, chargers for all of those and power backup for all the chargers. Do make sure you download all the travel, navigation and local apps that help you to navigate and research about your destination.

Toiletries Pouch

Carry a separate pouch for all your everyday toiletries so that you don’t have to waste your time searching for them in your luggage. Do pack all your necessary everyday things like toothbrush, comb etc. Save a compartment of your toiletries pouch for your makeup. It is always recommendable to carry less makeup while traveling. Just stick basics and don’t go overboard with foundation or eye makeup.

Apart from these, don’t forget your prescribed medicines and regular pain medicines. Always take a separate carry bag/backpack with you take with around while leaving your baggage at your hotel room. Finally, don’t forget to have a lot of fun on your trip.