Sugar Baby Self Improvement

By Ivy Babe

Jan 08, 2018

I have known my Daddy for three years, including over a year of a major slowdown in communication when I took a break from the lifestyle. I have another POT who I have been keeping on the back burner for going on four years and who remains eager to wine and dine me whenever he visits my area.

As a Baby, your calling card may be your face, but what keeps a man’s interest longterm is what else you bring to the table. In order to keep an arrangement going longterm, you need to be interesting, cultured, and ever so slightly elusive. You master this combination by staying busy, but busy in productive ways. Here are some ways to increase and maintain your value as a Baby.
Learn a new language
Many Daddies like to travel with their Babies. Being able to communicate well in the native language on your trips will impress Daddy and make him see you as a valuable companion beyond eye candy. Try to learn Chinese, French, Spanish, or Italian for the most possible use cases.

Learn a New Skill

A generous allowance can free up a lot of time by enabling you to either take a break from working or to significantly reduce your work hours. While Daddy might be happy to take care of you, very few ambitious men find a lack of ambition sexy. Don’t let Daddy think his hard earned money is letting you squander your life away. Instead, let him see that you’re using the free time to improve yourself, whether it’s by learning how to code or how to play the piano, how to take beautiful photographs or how to cook.

Immerse Yourself in the Arts

Read books, both new and old, fiction and nonfiction. Visit art galleries and museums and either take the guided tour or bring a guidebook. Pay attention and tuck away what you learn for a conversational rainy day, so you never run out of things to talk about with Daddy. Go to the theater, the opera, the ballet, and always dig a little deeper into the story and the history of the art. Trust me, Daddy will find you so much more fascinating than if all you have to talk about is the latest Real Housewives episode.

Stay Current

No, I’m not talking about staying on top of fashion and beauty trends. Though that’s certainly not a bad idea, it’s more valuable to stay current with politics, world news, and major developments in an industry of choice. If Daddy’s industry interests you, go for it. Otherwise feel free to stay on top of a separate, but similarly intellectual, industry instead. When something interesting happens in that industry, you can impress Daddy by teaching him about something new.
Of course, it would be naive to say looks don’t matter in the bowl. They very much do. Invest some of your time into exercising, keeping up a thorough skincare routine, and looking your best. Just don’t stop there!