Sugar Daddies of New York City

By Colette

May 19, 2017

As a follow-up to last month’s article on Sugaring in NYC, I thought I’d list a few types of Sugar Daddies you’ll run into as you Sugar in the city.  Of course this is all based on my personal experience. This generally excludes Sugar Daddies rooted in New Jersey, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Connecticut suburbs. In other words, if an SD doesn’t have a reason to come to the city, we generally don’t end up connecting.  Also while some stereotypes exist for a reason there are always exceptions; use your best judgment and trust your gut when meeting or chatting with someone new!  So with all that said, let’s jump right into Sugar Daddies of New York City.


The typical commuter Sugar Daddy travels into the city on weekdays for work.  If you’re an Sugar Baby that likes her space, you’ll love Sugar Daddies in this group because they usually can’t stick around beyond 9, maybe 10pm.  Why?  Because most of them are married with kids. While I’ve come across a few that base in New Jersey,the vast majority live in Connecticut.  Conversations with Commuter Sugar Daddies often revolve around their kids, their wives and golfing. Sometimes they are into sailing or horse back riding.  Yes, they’re exactly as preppy as you think they’d be!  These Sugar Daddies are absolutely looking to spice up their lives, sometimes at night, but probably during the day—and for that reason, they tend to look for Sugar Babies with flexible schedules. They are looking for students, artists, or actresses/performers.



A close cousin to the Commuter Sugar Daddy is the Upper East Side Sugar Daddy. If you’ve seen Gossip Girl, then you know that the Upper East Side is traditionally known as the creme de la creme of New York City, which means it’s overflowing with Sugar Daddies.  Like the commuter Sugar Daddy, Upper East Side Sugar Daddies have traditional taste. Except they’re much more in tune with what’s going on in the city: they attend more benefits and shows, and keep up with the restaurant scene.  Upper East Side SDs also tend to be married with kids. Since they know a lot of the people in the city, usually need to keep a low profile.

Geographically speaking, pretty much all of Manhattan is full of SDs.  Manhattan has actually become so expensive that lots of people have moved out to the boroughs. Even parts of Brooklyn are as expensive as Manhattan!  So if your SD lives in Manhattan, whether it’s Midtown, Tribeca, Soho, etc, his Sugar is probably very sweet.

You can also group Sugar Daddies by profession. I’ve definitely come across Wolf of Wall Street types, as well as surgeons, lawyers, real estate tycoons, etc.  As a general rule, I steer clear of high-powered lawyers.  For whatever reason, they tend to be the most jealous and possessive and generally crazy Sugar Daddies I’ve ever met.  Wolf of Wall Street types can be fun, but don’t expect them to stick around too long!


The final type goes to those just passing through the city.  Most Sugar Daddies that visit New York come on business.  Many are domestic travelers from Philly, DC, Chicago, Boston, LA, San Francisco, etc.  Many others are from abroad: London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo etc.  A potential drawback is that many of these Sugar Daddies want to settle on the arrangement details right away, especially the intimacy part.  So if you’re an Sugar Baby that needs time to warm up to a POT, these types may not be for you. But for me personally, most of my arrangements have actually been with those that visit regularly, and I think it’s because they don’t know as many people here, so they can let loose and really have fun.  And at the end of the day, having fun is part of what makes arrangements so sweet.

Have fun & happy sugaring!