Is My Sugar Daddy Bored with Me?

By Jasmin

Mar 15, 2017

One thing that I’ll always say when it comes to sugar dating is that it’s not a love binding contract…in fact, it’s not a contract at all! Many men just enjoy spending their time with a pretty girl by their side in exchange for some sort of arrangement. It’s not your traditional dating game and as sugar babies, we have to remember that. We have every right to say goodbye to them, just as they have every right to leave us, and the reasons for doing so differ! There might be a time when you ask yourself, “Is My Sugar Daddy Bored with Me?”

Why Has My Sugar Daddy Lost Interest In Me

Why, all of a sudden, is your SD becoming distant or doesn’t want to meet you as frequently as he used to? He might have found serious love elsewhere and wants to keep it strictly monogamous; he may not be in as good financial standing as he used to be, or maybe you’re just not his cup of tea anymore…Whatever the reason , it’s okay!

The hard thing about having an SD is that it never lasts forever (unless you both fall for each other and get married…which is quite rare). As I said above, many sugar daddies just enjoy spending their company with a really attractive girl, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to have exclusive loyalty to you alone, unless of course you both agreed in your arrangement that you’re to both only be exclusive to one another.

This is where communication plays a big part. Be vocal when telling your new sugar daddy what you used to receive and what your expectations are – be in control and voice what you want or he will take the opportunity to give you a lot less than what you had in mind or even find someone else. If you find yourself with your sugar daddy ending your arrangement, this article may be of some help.

There could be another sugar baby out there who ticks more boxes than you do, to which he has every right to let you know and end the arrangement at any time – the same may go for you also, you never know! You may come across a sugar daddy who has all the attributes you admire, and would prefer to spend your free time with him instead.

Maybe Your Sugar Daddy is Bored with You

There could be a number of reasons your sugar daddy is losing interest in you, but the one that automatically springs to mind is maybe he is just simply a bit bored of you. Have you stopped putting in the same amount of effort you did at the start? Do you prefer to always just have a night indoors with him instead of visiting museums, theaters and art galleries (which he would prefer to do with you)? Or it could be as simple as you not having a good enough sense of humor. Men can be shallow, so I can’t stress enough that we simply can’t just assume they would accept us if things aren’t how they used to be before – they don’t have to.

So, to sum it up: if you’re still asking yourself “is my sugar daddy bored with me” then (1) try not to get too comfortable once you have a sugar daddy because that’s how things get boring quite quickly, and last but not least, (2) try to keep things as fresh as you can – men love it when you look after yourself, and we love it when they look after us. All in all, the chances of a sugar daddy getting bored of you is unlikely, AND out of all the possible sugar babies that he could splurge on, he picked to spend his time with you, so enjoy it while it lasts…it really can be a great experience!