Is My Sugar Daddy Lying?

By Aurora

Mar 26, 2018
Sometimes Sugar Daddies can be not so sweet. Instead they can be very salty. They can keep secrets and be deceptive. They can say one thing and do another. This treatment from them is unfair. The Sugar Baby is not given the opportunity to know info she is  entitled to know. Or she is forced to be uncertain of where she stands in the relationship. This guide will help you discover if your Sugar Daddy is lying to you or being deceptive.

He Displays Unusual Behavior During Discussions

Have you ever questioned your Sugar Daddy about a pressing issue and observed that he refuses to make eye contact with you? Or that he fidgets a lot more than usual? If you have he was probably nervous because he was telling tales. Psychologists found that when people lie they are so guilty that their guilt manifests in odd behavior.

Liars are greatly disturbed when asked about their lie. They make subconscious efforts to move their body away from the asker. They might turn to the side or move their head around. His unusual mannerisms give you the right to ask more questions.

He Sounds Weird

 For some strange reason many liar’s voices will go up several octaves than usual when they are fibbing. There have been studies that confirm this. Should your Sugar Daddy go from sounding like Barry White to the Bee Gees then he has either consumed helium or he is more likely lying to you.

Another indicator of a fib is an unusual pace of speaking. When people lie they typically speak at different paces. They often start of speaking at a slow pace as they are deciding what tale to tell you. Then they will rush to deliver the whole false story as they are excited that they have come up with something believable.

They will also be in a rush to change the topic. This is hoping you will forget so that when you confront the about their deceitful ways the can deny it and blame you for not paying attention to them. Ensure you pay extra attention to how your Sugar Daddy sounds when he is talking, so that you can spot when he is deceiving you.


 Keeping up with a lie is difficult as one lie needs to be followed up by another lie. This in turn requires more lies to be told. All this is done simply to make the original one believable.  After some time he is bound to forget some details. He will eventually get confused and the mix his lies with the truth. You should be able to catch your Sugar Daddy out by listening attentively to him. When you two are free to talk quiz him about the contradictory statements he made previously. He will have no choice but to come clean.

He Forbids You from being in His Private Life

 If you notice that your Sugar Daddy stops letting you into his private life you might be actually noticing evidence that he is hiding something from you. For example, he might have made a habit of inviting you to chill with his friends but suddenly he stops allowing you into his circle of friends. This could be proof that he has disclosed something to them that he does not want you to know. He may even be secretly up to something with them that he told you he would not do.

Another example is if he stops granting you access to his phone. He could be covering up evidence that will disprove something he has told you. Instead of trying to find out his phone’s password you can attempt to confront him. Complain about how his sudden secrecy is hindering your emotional intimacy. If he still refuses to permit you to get into his private business, you will know that he has lied about something.

It is disheartening to discover that someone we love or like has been deceiving us. It is better to be in the know then in the dark. You ought to be able to build trust in your relationship and without the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth your relationship will be broken.  This guide should have made it easy for you to discern if your Sugar Daddy has been honest and truthful with you or not.