The Sugar Daddy Next Door

By SouthernSD

Mar 02, 2018

What is your vision of a Sugar Daddy? Is it a CEO in a handcrafted Armani suit? Does he wear a Rolex watch and drive a Jaguar?  Or is it a nice chap who visits his tailor on Savile Row once a month. Is his ideal mode of transportation being chauffeured in his Mercedes Benz Maybach?  Are you partial to the Entrepreneur boarding his Citation X to fly to dinner in Cape Town while he sips a 1985 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti?  

 While those may be the quintessential perception of a Sugar Daddy there is a whole Sugar segment out there to be considered.  What if I told you that guy driving a 5-year-old Lincoln Town Car and wearing a Timex watch is just as likely to have equal or greater wealth then those sharply dressed men? Hear me out and let this become a teachable moment.

Change Your Perception

In 1996, Dr. Thomas Stanley and William Danko penned a blockbuster book titled, “The Millionaire Next door.”  This book became a New York Times best seller. It was a game changer in the perception and understanding of who really has wealth.  I highly recommend all Sugar Babies read this book.  It’s an eye opener and will change your outlook on who is really living around you.

 While the flashy CEOs, business owners and entrepreneur millionaires are out there, they are actually the minority. The real wealth is ‘stealth wealth.’  These are the guys who are driving full-size American-made sedans and pick-up trucks.  More importantly, they have disposable income they would like to spend on you, the Sugar Baby.  Please allow me to digress a bit and tell you about when I first stepped into the sugar bowl.

A Little Background Information

I was unsure of myself because I was one of those pick-up truck types. I did own a nice foreign mid-size sedan. However, that was not my car of choice.  My pick-up truck was Numero Uno.  I felt that I did not fit the perception of a Sugar Daddy since I lived an understated life.  I feel this may have led to difficulty in finding a Sugar Baby.

Fast forward to one of my very first meet and greets.  We worked out the details, but she did not have a car. She asked me to pick her up. I really didn’t want to do that since it went against all the advice I had read on various blogs and forums.  But she insisted she had no worries about it so we made the date. Unfortunately, my car was in the shop, so I only had my pick-up truck. I sent her a message stating that fact and thought for sure she would think I was not legitimate and cancel.  She replied, “Ok, no big deal.”

When I picked her up, I apologized again for using my truck. I realized that it was not the ‘standard’ Sugar Daddy drive.  Her response? “It’s alright I grew up in a smaller town and the richest men in town all drove old pickup trucks and wore old jeans, but we all knew that they had money.”  I thought to myself, ‘She gets it… this may be a good start.’  She totally understood stealth wealth and that it is not always all about designer clothes and high-end cars. We had a great lunch and agreed to meet again.  In fact, she did become my first Sugar Baby.

How to Search for Stealth Wealth

So how can you apply this knowledge in your search for good Sugar Daddy?  First, be open minded when you are searching.  That humble, understated message you receive from a POT may be a good indication that he’s a legitimate candidate. Though low key, he may be engaging and tactful in his conversation.  This can be your key to ask the right questions and set up a simple meet and greet.

When you first meet that POT he may not necessarily be that sharp-dressed man from a Davidoff ad.  If his appearance is neat and sensible, this may be your cue to find out if he is one of those millionaires next door.  A good indication of his wealth will be through his mannerisms and the how he answers your questions.

Keep the chat light and flirty. Intermix questions about his profession, his likes, hobbies, favorite car.  Where does he vacation?  Who are his favorite authors?  Who was he influenced by in life, and who are his mentors?  If you’ve never heard of some of the people he may mention take note and search them after your meet and greet.  Keep in mind some of these men will come across low key and possibly aloof, but they live life on the cautious side.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Stealth wealth gentlemen like to know what their ROI (return on investment) is going to be. These men are wise, wealthy and frugal.  But many, like myself, love to be generous with the right person. Once they have established that a person can be trusted the reward can be very attractive and fruitful.

 The question for the Sugar Babies out there: Are you wise enough to spot these Millionaires Next Door?  Then get them on the hook and reel them in to lock down that arrangement! It takes a learning curve; a bit of savvy.  It may even be frustrating at times discerning the stealth wealth from the salt and Splenda. The rewards are well worth the effort.  You may end up with not only a Sugar Daddy but a mentor and the best life advisor you’ve ever met.