Sugar Daddy Turn Offs

By Danielle

May 18, 2018
New Sugar Babies often wonder why they’re having such a hard time finding a Sugar Daddy. While it’s a long journey to finding the right guy, there are some things that might be getting in your way and hurting your chances with the perfect man.

Bad Photos

Your photos are the first impression that a Sugar Daddy will have of you. Don’t mess this up! Your “main” profile picture is what will show up in searches and messages. If it’s bad, a POT might not even click on your profile. Ideally, this should be a clear, flattering photo featuring your beautiful face. For all of your photos avoid duck lips, Snapchat filters, and selfies. Also, avoid any grainy photos. Aim for clear photos that showcase both your face and body. Not having any body pics is also a turn-off. After all, what are you trying to hide?

Poor Grammar

Unless English is not your first language, there’s really no excuse for poor grammar. After all, Google is right at your fingertips. Type out full words, use full sentences, and look up anything you’re unsure of.

Acting Entitled

Some girls see a few TV shows about Sugar Babies and get the impression that you’re supposed to act spoiled in order to be spoiled. It doesn’t quite work that way. If you’re rude, demanding, or bratty, the sugar will disappear. Avoid sounding too money-focused in your profile and always be polite and appreciative in your communications, both online and off. Nobody wants to be treated like an ATM. This also applies to how you treat others when you’re with him. Be courteous and thankful to wait-staff and don’t speak badly about anyone.

Being a Negative Nancy

On the other hand, some think that they have to tell Sugar Daddies all their problems in order to justify why they need an allowance. Just stop. It’s one thing to mention that you need help paying for school. But it’s just not necessary to go into details about medical problems, family finances, or any other personal issues you’re dealing with. Remember, an SD wants an SB to take away stress from his life – not add to it. Furthermore, he’s not looking for a charity case. This doesn’t mean you can’t be authentic, but he’s certainly not your best friend or your therapist. Keep it light.

Tacky Trends

Just because something is popular among your age group doesn’t mean it’s considered attractive to the rest of the world. Pointy or overly long nails, painted-on eyebrows, and colorful makeup are no-nos. If you want to appeal to more SDs, keep it natural. You also want to keep it classic. This means leaving any “controversial” trends at home, like bodysuits and high-waisted jeans. Also, avoid too much jewelry. Quality over quantity here.


Your goal should be to look presentable. You never want your Sugar Daddy to feel embarrassed. Remember, he’s out with a younger girl and definitely doesn’t want people to misconstrue you as an escort. Follow the rule of only revealing one body part. For example, if you have (a classy amount of) cleavage showing, don’t show too much leg. You also want to look like you didn’t just roll out of bed. You don’t need expensive clothes, but you do need well-maintained clothing. That means pressed, free of lint or pilling, well-fitted, and no holes ever! Avoid the hippie-chic look.

Improper Speech

Speaking of not wanting to embarrass a POT, you should avoid talking too loudly, especially in public. Speaking more softly comes across as more graceful and, as a plus, it requires him to lean closer. Likewise, Sugar Daddies tend to prefer educated women, so you, at least want to sound educated. Avoid saying “like” too much, know the difference between “specific” and “Pacific,” and too much slang. No need to tell him how “lit” this restaurant is or how “woke” you think he is.