Sugar Dating and Dietary Restrictions

By Sugar Fairy

Aug 25, 2016

Fitness and health are my top two priorities. And while I don’t believe in diets, my lifestyle is quite specific in terms of what I put into my body. In the Sugar Bowl, there are many occasions that involve decadent meals, expensive bottles of wine, and sugar-coma-inducing deserts—many of which I’d pass on in my day to day life.

If you’re a health-conscious Sugar Baby, or just trying to be mindful of your sugar intake, here’s a guide to help ward off overindulging without seeming rude.

Eat ahead of time

If the restaurant you’re headed to is known for its steak tartare and cabernet, but your preference is more steamed veggies and soy milk, then consider eating ahead of time. If needed, you can almost always find a healthy side to nibble on instead of ordering a full meal. Yes, it might feel awkward or strange at first, but if you take a non-defensive and ‘I love to take care of myself and eat clean’ approach, you’ll reduce the risk of offending your date. However…

Speak up!

Most Daddies worth their weight want to know what matters to you. This includes your dietary preferences and restrictions. It doesn’t mean you have to lay everything out on the table for dissection, but if given the option to pick the place, take ownership and go for it. Over time, your Daddy will learn your tastes, and will likely come up with dates that are a reflection of such.

Get crafty with side dishes

Almost every restaurant I’ve been to—yes, including those famed steakhouses—offer side dishes which include everything from salads to sautéed vegetables. Who says you have to order pasta dripping in cream sauce when you can cobble together a few sides for a meal that’s both satisfying and healthy? It helps to review the menu ahead of time, too; that way, you have an idea of what you can order upon arrival.

Be kind to yourself, but stick to your guns

Look, it’s easy for anyone to fall off the wagon—it can be fun to share a fantastic meal and bottle of wine, even if it does come with a hangover the next day—but beating yourself up won’t solve anything. Be kind to yourself and remember that a healthy lifestyle is just that: a lifestyle. Not a diet. Instead of succumbing to pressure from a POT who might not be right for you anyway, remember why you live and eat the way you do, and act accordingly. Your health is more valuable than any potential allowance, hands down.