Sugaring in the Canadian Wilderness

By NobodysWife

Dec 16, 2017

How do you sugar in a town so small that if someone finds out your first name, they will be able to find you in that town, no problem? Combine that by being surrounded by treacherous mountain passes and an international border to one side. Sugaring seems crazy, right? Well it’s not, but it sure is going to be more work. Here are some tips that are sure to come in handy when it comes to sugaring in the Canadian wilderness.

Cover Your Basics

Have a vehicle. Have one that is dependable and safe. Make it clear to POTs that you are willing to travel.

Have a valid passport. Even if you are not living in a border town, there are SDs who will fly you to them if you connect. Also, traveling is usually part of a SDs lifestyle, and you don’t want to miss out.

Make sure your profile stands out no matter where the POT who is looking at it is. Be unique, so that the distance is worth overcoming.

Change Your View, and Change How You’re Viewed

Have you been in town for years? Maybe even since childhood? Start looking at things through the eyes of a Sugar Baby instead of, well just a baby. Actively think about the arrangement you want to be in. Sometimes just a shift in energy is enough to bring about big changes.

Hone your sugaring skills and when out, look for people from out of town. Maybe there is someone who comes in to town to work periodically? Or visit family? Or is passing through but would be willing to help you travel to him? Assess the POTs financial bracket, start a conversation, try gently flirting with him…

Know when and how to accept things such as someone picking up your tab. Yes, you’re a feminist and no, a couple drinks don’t entitle someone to expect you to go home with them. But part of sugaring is being able to receive. Show that you’re ready to receive by accepting from the right person at the right time.

Don’t Have a Small Town Mentality

You may be in a one-horse town, but don’t act like it. What sets you apart from everyone else? Your education? Do you have a special talent? Do you have any unique passions or skills? Or maybe you’re simply unique by your ability to connect with people and hold a conversation.

Speaking of… read. Read the news, read books, read blogs. Have as many things as possible to connect on with a POT and know what’s going on in the rest of the world.

And when you go out (and do so often!), dress how you want to be seen. Everyone else may look like they just rolled out of bed, but keep that camel toe at home! Brush your hair, have cute go-to outfits, and most importantly look people in the eyes and smile, smile, smile!

Seek in All Places

I’ve had friends propositioned on conventional dating sites in an arrangement type style. I’ve been propositioned at the bar before I even knew what sugaring was. Many of these propositions have been platonic. People in small towns get lonely. Some men might offer to pay you to cook for them or even just spend time with them for what seems like an exorbitant amount for these particular services. And now you’re sugaring!

Stay Safe

Be extra cautious with your identity online. I don’t even tell people where I’m from until I feel comfortable enough with them. Don’t travel to someone unless you feel confident in this person and have security measures in place. And as hard as this may be, don’t sugar without some dough in your pocket. Your car is going to need gas and maintenance, your phone bill may go up, and unfortunately SDs are human which means they include flakes, fakes, and just plain jerks.

So you never know if you’re going to be stuck with the bill at the end of dinner or if after you’ve travelled out of town with the agreement that your gas will be covered by the POT, he ends up not even showing.

Allow Your Location to Work for You

Because many POTs are out of town it will take longer to arrange a M&G allowing you more time to get to know each other first. There are M&Gs that have not happened for me because of this. It might be exciting to go on as many M&Gs as possible but I am grateful for the extra time that allowed me to pick up on red flags that I didn’t see right away.

Also, just as your choices are more limited in a small town, so are the SDs. This may give you a unique position. Though the SB to SD ratio on line may be hugely in the SDs favor, this may not be the case in your town. For instance in my area there are more men than women and not many women my age who are single.

Reach for the Stars

Don’t settle or sell yourself short because you feel like you have limited options. You may go on very few meet and greets compared to SBs in a larger centre but don’t let this compromise what you’re comfortable with. Never agree to something that you’re not ok with and know that if you’re patient, you will find an arrangement that isn’t only just ok, but in fact, fantastic.