Sugaring Etiquette

By Chelsea

Sep 25, 2015

I have been dating multiple Sugar Daddies for a while, and have acquired a bit of knowledge on Sugaring etiquette. Most of these tips are common sense for those of you who have had success. My hope is that this helps some of you newbies in the Sugar Bowl.

The Restroom Dip

Excuse yourself to use the ladies room right around or before the time that the check for the meal comes. It creates a less awkward instance for both parties. It’s pretty much common knowledge that he’s covering the tab, but it’s much nicer to come back with your makeup refreshed and be able to say, “Oh, Thank you so much!”, instead of watching him dig his wallet out.

Stay off your Cell Phone

I am an experienced traveling Sugar Baby, so I know how hard it is to stay off my Instagram or keep from texting friends while I’m with him for days at a time. Sometimes you do not have to spend a long period of time together so you don’t have to restrain yourself for too long. I get homesick and want to talk to my friends or family. Use restroom time to send a quick text or wait until he’s making a phone call. If you insist on being on your phone during your time together, do NOT use it during a sit down meal in the least. Nothing is more disrespectful to any older gentleman than a princess who can’t even give him one hour of undivided attention.

Be Neat

In everything you do, stay tidy. This goes for shared hotel rooms, riding in his vehicle, and eating meals together. I once had a SD tell me about a girl he had seen for a while and really liked, but had to break things off because she was too messy. She didn’t clean the makeup out of the sink and always left garbage in his car, among other bad habits that made her seem sloppy.

Stay Independent

There’s several factors that go into this one. Carry your own stuff, offer to help when you can, and don’t be needy. The results will shock you. The less you seem like a spoiled brat and more like an independent woman, the more he will actually kiss the ground you walk on. I always go into a date or a weekend away with the intention of doing everything on my own. Most of the time he’s working a lot and I have a lot of free time. This means I can tell him I’m looking forward to seeing him for dinner, I’ll be shopping today.. (hint hint wink wink) and I won’t be blowing up his phone and he’ll always have me taken care of. Speaking of blowing up his phone..

Respect His Privacy!

One of the first things I say to a potential SD is that his privacy is of utmost importance to me and I’m here for him as a stress relief, not an added stress. It is the one sentence that absolutely blows them away and hooks them from the start. I never EVER text him or call him unless he contacts me first unless we have a separate means of communication (private email, Whatsapp, etc.) that will not get him in trouble. Many SDs are married, making this piece of advice is crucial. There are many different levels of this depending on the guy. By letting them know that you’re sensitive to these needs, and asking him how you can help and not hinder him, shows that you are mature, serious, and trustworthy.

Learn to be Subtle.

Every SB knows what works with her guy, but it’s generally true that if you aren’t begging for dollars, allowances, and gifts, you are instantly more attractive. Using words such as arrangement, mutually benefitting, gift instead of pay, need instead of want will make you more appealing.

Of course you will want to sort out your arrangement and expectations beforehand. These men know what they’re getting themselves into if you met them with the mutual intentions of a SB/SD relationship. But this can always be done tastefully and without begging. I always tell a POT that I’m looking for a man that I can truly adore, who is able to provide an allowance that can help me with things such as school, work goals, and other bills. If I want shopping money, I would hint at going to look for “a new winter coat” at the mall. Or perhaps I’ll suggest, “I’ve been looking at a Louis Vuitton bag so I can carry my laptop”. The key is to start as subtle as possible and give him a need to fill. If you’re too aggressive, not only will you look desperate but maybe it’s time for a new Daddy.

Don’t ask, Don’t tell.

For the most part, these relationships are no strings attached, which means you shouldn’t be bringing your baggage into them. The last thing your guy wants to hear about over a nice meal he’s paying for is your drama that is irrelevant to him. This also goes the other way around. No matter how curious you might be about his family, realize that this could be an awkward conversation for him. No matter what you may think, asking about his kids is not polite. Maybe he’s has a significant other or major career stress. Realize that these guys are using you as an escape and by helping him to completely create a whole new world and forget about everything when you’re together is the best gift you can give to him and will secure you longer success with him.

If he wants to share, be a good listener.

It’s not all about you. It’s good to understand the boundaries I just talked about when it comes to his personal life, but some guys want someone to talk to. It’s very important that you do not try to become a counselor. The worst thing you can do is give him bad advice. Realize that some of these men, no matter how filthy rich, are also vulnerable, and you have no business when it comes to his life. Be the girl that listens, supports, and sympathizes. This is one of the touchiest things when it comes to a SB/SD relationship.

Find your balance. Stay pretty, polished, and polite. And ALWAYS say thank you!

Chelsea Rachelle