Sugaring Tips for Introverts

By Rose Mercier

Oct 02, 2017

You’ve been chatting with your POT online for awhile now, and you both are comfortable enough with each other that it might be time to initiate that first date. Great, right?

For the more introverted Sugar Baby, the first date — or any date — can create some anxiety. No one is 100% introverted or 100% extroverted, but for those gals leaning more towards the introverted side of that line, being put into a social situation around large groups of people can be tough. Keeping in mind that first dates should always be in a public place can cause some serious stress.

What’s an introverted Sugar Baby to do? You WANT to meet this Sugar Daddy and you feel positive about your interactions so far – but the mental and emotional exhaustion that comes with a night out might ruin your arrangement before it starts.

Not to worry, my reserved Sugar Baby friend, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help make sure that first date leads to a lasting arrangement.

Don’t forget: He wants to meet YOU!

While talking online can be a whole lot different than talking in person, you’re still you – and your POT is into that. He knows your personality. He likes what he know about you so far. Don’t stress about your penchant for alone time, an introverted personality comes with a lot of perks! You’re often viewed as a great listener, you’re very observant, trustworthy. You don’t spill secrets. You are totally capable of having a deep, thought-provoking discussion. Small talk might not be your forte, but you definitely will connect with your new Sugar Daddy in a meaningful way. 

Make Time for Me

Introverts can feel drained after long periods of social interaction. Being alone and having time to gather their thoughts is what keeps them energized. You know when you’re planning to meet your POT. Be proactive and charge your batteries before your date. Set aside time to meditate, take a long hot bath, read a good book. Do whatever you do to center yourself right before your get together. 
Getting a little flustered during your date? Excuse yourself and head to the restroom to take some deep breaths.
Try this breathing exercise:

-Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, filling your lower than upper lungs.
-Hold your breath to the count of three.
-Exhale slowly, relaxing the muscles of your face, jaw and stomach.
-Repeat, as needed.
Do what you need to ground yourself and keep your positive attitude at the forefront of
your mind. You’ve got this, SB!

Embrace Your Introvert Tendencies

Guess what? Being an introvert isn’t necessarily a negative thing! Like we mentioned earlier, those introvert tendencies are pretty great. Use them. Flustered during conversation? No problem. Focus on your POT. Asking others about themselves and showing interest means you’re a great conversationalist! Listen deeply and engage your POT with questions that make them the center of attention (taking the focus off of you). That, and a little sincere eye contact will have your POT becoming your new Sugar Daddy in no time.

Remember: He might be nervous too!

An introvert’s’ power includes the ability to be thoughtful and observant. Put yourself in
your POT’s shoes – maybe he’s a little nervous too! After all, you’re the ideal SB, and he wants to put his best foot forward for your initial meeting, just like you do. Realizing that first time interactions between anyone, introverted or not, can be a little uncomfortable should help you relax and just be in the moment with your POT. Smile and embrace the awkwardness and whatever comes along with it.

So are you ready, Sugar Baby? Hopefully the simple tips suggested will help you focus, relax and find the perfect SD for you. Good luck!