Sugaring When You’re Not A Typical Sugar Baby

By Julia Jones

Mar 22, 2019

These days I think it’s really important to address the fact that what we see as a sugar baby isn’t always the truth behind what sugar babies are.

Often times a girl who has a sugar daddy is seen as a young, naive, magazine cover type of girl. Someone who only likes designer brands and doesn’t have much going for her in terms of brain power; and has no personality besides seeing what the latest reality show is, but the truth is sugaring is hard.

But, I’m Not a Model?

There are a lot of sugar babies out there who are smart, who can provide for themselves but are choosing not to. Sugar babies these days aren’t obsessed with the latest designer bag or with being taken care of. A lot of sugar babies see sugaring as a chance to try and get ahead without having to run themselves into the ground or getting themselves into debt. They see it as a chance to get ahead- and what is so wrong with that?

Would I Fit the Mold?

There are a lot of sugar daddies out there who aren’t looking for a sugar baby who isn’t going to be “typical” in terms of what they have stuck in their mind. I’ve met girls who have had to shoot down sugar daddies because the POT has it in their head that they are looking for something that a lot of people associate with sugar babies- something close to what I mentioned above.

The truth is if you’ve got an attitude, some sass, and some goals that revolve around you– yeah, you might have a hard time finding the right POT. But don’t sacrifice your personality for any amount of money- trust me and trust every sugar baby I have talked to that always say they are grateful they didn’t because, when it comes down to it, it’s not worth any amount of money for you to give up who you are- right?

You will always run into at least one daddy who wants you to be exactly what he wants, not who you are. But that actually has nothing to do with you. That has to do with the POT and his unrealistic expectations of what a sugar baby is.

Is it OK for Me to Sugar?

I want to touch on the sugar babies who are sugaring not because they need the money but because they have high financial goals and they work hard for their money; so why bother spending it if they can have someone else cover their bills? These girls tend to face backlash from both a POT and from other sugar babies; but lets look at it this way: If you work all day, then you earn every cent you make- there is nothing wrong with wanting to expand your savings and a good way to do that is to have a partner who helps cover your bills.

I’ll be honest; these girls have my full support just as much as a girl who needs the money does.

What if I’m Not in it for the Allowance?

Then there are the girls who are interested in having a successful sugar daddy not because they need money or want it; but they want someone who can help them grow in some ways that they can’t do on their own (Or it will take them a hell of a long time to do it) so, instead of struggling to find a mentor and paying top dollar for one; they look for a sugar daddy who can help them grow and, lets face it, offer a few other perks.

After spending my time talking to a few different sugar babies; these are the most common anti-typical types of sugar babies I’ve found, and I just want to send a shoutout to the girls who are like this.

The sassy, smart, driven, overworked, successful sugar babies out there: Don’t think we don’t see you. We know how hard it is for you out there, but keep going. The trend of anti-typical sugar babies out there is coming more and more common, and the truth is it’s freakin’ awesome. If you’re going to sugar, I encourage you to be part of it!