Sugaring Without A Car

By Malia

Mar 19, 2017

How can I meet a POT if I don’t have a way to get around? New Sugar Baby, if you have no wheels, this blog might give you some ideas on sugaring without a car.

Should I ask a POT to pick me up?

No. Just no. He is still a stranger and you need to get to know him. Don’t give your personal address. That includes your work address. Safety comes before convenience. Instead, here are 7 possible solutions to get to your meet and greet without a car:


Uber or Lyft. Make sure to download these handy apps and be ready to go.

Public Transportation

Familiarize yourself with public transportation routes and hours for bus lines, metro, rail or whatever you have in your area.

Ask A Friend

Ask a girlfriend or roommate you can rely upon for a ride. Share your allowance with her when you get it.

These Boots Were Made For Walking

Bicycle, rollerblade, skate. Carry a larger size bag and change shoes or clothes in a coffee shop bathroom.
Or just walk. If you live in an urban area with lots of meeting places nearby and you can retain your address incognito.

Rent A Car

Rent a car if Uber would exceed a reasonable amount due to distance or traffic. If you are over 21, rent a car places like Enterprise are conveniently located within the city and they come pick you up home for free. I rented one the other day and the grand total was $33 plus gas I refilled myself before returning the car.

Join car2go or equivalent car club by time of use, if you are in one of the cities they serve. You can pick up and drop off a car in a different location and don’t even have to pay for parking downtown. In my city they give a start up credit to try the service so your first use will be probably free.

Should you ask a POT for money to get to the meeting place? No, he may offer, but treat it as an internship or job interview. You should be able to get in and get out by yourself. Sugar Daddies have heard all sorts of stories from Rinser Sugar Babies.

Even if it is legitimate you don’t have a car, your POT needs to know that moving forward you can meet without creating additional  work and logistics coordination for him. His time is limited and if he sets up a meeting, he wants you to be there at the right time for him. No excuses of car this, car that.


Let your POT know you are transportation challenged at the time (but not to worry that you will fix that) and suggest to meet in a more accessible to you.

If your meeting location suggestions turn out to be inconvenient for him, he may offer to Uber you to another neighborhood. Gracefully accept and give him address coordinates from somewhere you can reach safely but is not your home. However, make sure to have money or a way to return home on your own if the meet & greet does not go well.

Be $mart

Consider wheels instead of heels. When you get your first allowance, invest on transportation. First, don’t think of luxury, dream car  or style match. Your first $1,000 allowance should go towards an used car in cash. Craigslist will have some beater cars that are in working condition.

Not there yet? Buy a commuter electric scooter for adults such as Razor EcoSmart to at least help. It’s about $300 and you can ride for up to 20 minutes each way at 18mph.

If you have any job, get something more reliable and reasonable. Here is a real life example. You’ll be able to qualify for a loan if you have any job and is enrolled in college, or out of college and have any regular paycheck. I looked up on a 2009 Aveo at a dealership website, clean title, no accidents, 50,000 miles and being sold for $5,900. With a regular credit score the monthly payment is $125.

Pay that with your daddy’s allowance and meanwhile, don’t be afraid to get an odd job just for a couple of hours, delivering restaurant food or groceries. Pizza chains and grocery delivery services are everywhere.

Tip: Cute girls knocking at the door of some dudes with food yields sweet tips. Just don’t wear grungy clothes!