Sweet Winter Travel Spots

By Colette

Jan 27, 2018

Got cabin fever?  Travel is the perfect cure for the winter blues!  Whether you have a Sugar Daddy to bring along, or you’re happy to travel for freestyling, there are so many sweet places that Sugar Daddies and POTs call home during the winter.  Read on for some inspo!

Red HOT!

When New Yorkers get tired of the white-snow-turned-greige-slush that invades the city every winter, they often turn to Miami for an easy weekend getaway.  A fun, refreshingly upbeat scene is only a three-hour flight away.  Imagine—showing a little skin in January without dying of cold!    

If you ever read (or watched) the series Gossip Girl, then you’ve definitely heard of St Barts.  Yes, it actually is a favorite winter spot for Manhattan’s elite, as are many of the surrounding islands—perfect for those who want the St Barts experience without the crowds.  You might want to proceed with caution this year, as some (if not many) of the islands suffered a lot of damage from the recent hurricanes.

Mexico is also a lot of fun in the winter.  Cancun is popular, as are Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and Tulum.  An influencer I follow on Instagram went to Azulik (LINK) in Tulum last year and it’s been on my wish list ever since!

Hawaii is the perfect getaway for those on the West Coast.  It’s definitely warm enough for sunbathing, and boasts more natural beauty than you could imagine.  You could spend weeks if not months exploring all the islands.  If free styling is your goal, then I recommend researching business conferences—quite a few are in Waikiki!

If you’re truly ambitious, and are looking to spend a week or more abroad, then you could check out Australia and New Zealand.  It is summer there, after all!

Ice, Ice Cold Baby

If skiing is more your speed, then Aspen is hands-down the place to be in the winter.  Many celebrities, as well as POTs and SDs, go to Aspen to see and be seen—in fact, Paris Hilton just got engaged there!  The town itself is super small, so if your SD is married you might want to tread lightly.  Otherwise, the snow, the scene, and the shopping are wonderful!

If you don’t feel like leaving the East Coast for skiing, then Vermont is worth checking out.  Lots of New Yorkers head there on the weekend, so you know the scene is legit.  The snow itself can be more icy than in Colorado, but on the plus side it’s only a 4-ish hour drive away from the city.

Also, don’t forget about Montana and Wyoming.  Believe it or not, they boast some of the most exclusive luxury resorts such as Triple Creek Ranch, The Ranch at Rock Creek, The Resort at Paws Up, and Brush Creek Ranch.  Who knew?!

Lastly, if you’re feeling ambitious and want to go abroad, I definitely recommend checking out the European scene.  Try Switzerland and France; Chalet Ormello at Les Trois Vallees is super luxe.  

Don’t Forget the Big Cities!

Despite the cold, the cities are still bustling this time of year.  New York City is still bearable, if not snowy, while Boston and Chicago are freezing.  If you want to try a warm city, there’s always Miami, as well as San Francisco, LA, and San Diego!

Bon voyage and happy sugaring!