A Sweeter New Year

By Bria Lea

Jan 07, 2018
With the dawn of every new year comes a flurry of resolutions we’d all love to keep but never seem to last past February. Here are some tips to save yourself from that slump and make 2018 your sweetest year yet!

Write Yourself a Letter

I’ve done this before and it really works. Write yourself a letter. Include your perspective of how your year was and how you want to change. You’ll see it happen. All you have to do is just let yourself realize what worked when it came to dating. Take note of what didn’t, and how you can improve.

I think it’s a matter of seeing how the New Year comes, you can really begin a new and raise your standards. You’d be surprised by how this makes a difference and when you look back, you’ll be like, “Yes, I knew that I could do better and get the kind of relationship that I deserve.”

Tell yourself in the letter what kind of experiences you had when it came to sugaring and dating online on SA, or in general, and how you want it to get better. One learns from their experiences and how you can find the kind of love that you want in your life through making resolutions and writing this letter. Be fearless and don’t be afraid to make big changes when it comes to a new year. So when you look back on this letter in a year, you’ll be proud of yourself in the changes you made.

New Profile

As 2018 comes to a beginning, you can also make a new profile or add changes to the most recent one that you have to really see how you can be empowered through resolutions. Add new pictures, new about me info, or specifics on what you like when it comes to dating.

Because the more you can add detail to your profile, the more guys can read you and then see what it is that you like. The more improvements you can make to a new profile, the better you can be as of the new year.

Maybe making a new profile or having a new profile can boost your confidence, motivate yourself to set new resolutions, and can rebuild yourself from anything that happened to you in the past year. The more creative you can be when it comes to this, most likely the more guys you’ll attract. It’s not the quantity, but quality.

Let Go

A new year means that you are able to release what is not meant to be. This includes all of your old ways. Start anew when it comes to dating and getting with guys. You can better your dating life. And you can attract the right kind of relationship. Have good communication. Treat yourself the right way.  Let go of the past year. The more you can allow yourself to do this the more patient you’ll become.

Letting go of expectations allows you to be liberated. Liberate  from anything and just let it be. The more you allow yourself to release what is not meant to happen, the more what you want will come to you. It’s not a bad thing not to settle. When you’re patient you’ll then realize what it is that you should let go of. I think that it’s all a matter of not over trying or forcing anything. Be strong in the self-worth and integrity when it comes to dating.

New year, new you, and new lovers.