How to take a break from the Sugar Bowl

Taking A Break From The Sugar Bowl

By BalancedSD

Sep 16, 2016

Sometimes we can only see how far we have come when we take the time to reflect back on where we were versus where we are now. This also rings true in the Sugar Bowl. When it comes to long-term success in the Sugar Lifestyle, both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies have reported experiencing greater success and fulfillment in arrangements after taking a little break and then hopping back into the Sugar Bowl.

Taking a breather offers a chance to gain perspective, evaluate your current situation and get back some ‘you’ time. Whether you are experiencing raging success or frustration, there are some good times to consider taking a break from the Sugar Bowl.

Immediately After an Arrangement Ends

You had a solid, consistent arrangement for many months and then it abruptly came to an end.  Maybe his wife found out; maybe your SD is moving way; or maybe the spark just died. Many arrangements come to an end on short notice and this is a great time to reflect before jumping into something new. As with any loss, mourning – whether it take the form of laughing or crying – takes time.

Take this newly found free time (and hopefully sugar-fueled bankroll) and have a day for yourself or treat your close girlfriends to a night out and let the past process. Letting your Sugar Spirit reset will make for an even more successful arrangement the next time (after all, you are an expert now).

When You’re a Busy Bee

The Sugar Bowl requires commitment – sometimes even more so than a traditional relationship.  Whether it be Sugary social events with your SD or weekend trips, it is easy for an arrangement to consume much of your free time. If you find that your course load or blossoming career is not allowing you the time to commit to your Sugar Daddy, it may be a time to move on. SDs are busy, too, and have a reasonable expectation that you will make him one of your priorities – after all, he is doing the same. If your other more important priorities are taking over your schedule or your SD is moving down the priority ladder, now is a good time to call it off.

The Salt Is Too Much

You are putting your best foot forward with your profile and initial dates, but the Sugar is just not flowing. Maybe you are struggling to find someone you have a connection with? Maybe the allowance being offered is well below your expectations? Or maybe you have met a scam artist or two. If you are truly putting your best energy forward and not achieving success, consider taking a short break from the Sugar Bowl. You can jump right back in when you’re ready.

Naturally, you are going to have to filter through many potential SDs before you find a great one and as long as you have your wits about you, keep pressing forward. However, once the salt has taken hold of your well-being and mindset, it is time to give the Bowl a rest.

The Sugar is Too Sweet

Whoa, wait a second, I have a great Sugar Daddy with an awesome allowance and you are telling me to let it go? Just like with the diet being too salty, as long as you have control of yourself and your lifestyle, keep the arrangement going and enjoy it to its fullest. However, there are cases where the arrangement starts to take over your life and becomes how you define yourself.  

For example, I have seen Sugar Babies with a generous monthly allowance start to overspend or get caught up in the lifestyle.  Where 1 designer bag every 3 months used to be a dream come true, now 1 a week is not quenching your material thirst.  

Funds used for tuition? Well, maybe this month I’ll blow my allowance on material items, after all my SD will give me my allowance in a couple of weeks and I’ll be ok. Unexpectedly, the arrangement comes to an end leaving you feeling like you are in an even bigger hole than when you started the arrangement.  

You may also be neglecting your friends and other responsibilities as the Sugar consumes you.  The allowance, the dates and more can be very addicting – know yourself and your boundaries.  If you feel the Sugar is taking hold and turning you into someone you are not proud to be, end the relationship as difficult as it may be.  

Mission Accomplished

Think back to why you started Sugaring in the first place. For example, if you goal was to pay off your student loans, when you make that final payment and the balance reads $0, evaluate where you see Sugar fitting in now. If your primary motivator was paying that debt down and now it is gone, will you still feel as committed to the arrangement as you did before? Is greed taking over? Arrangements are rarely meant to be forever and if you accomplished your mission, maybe it is time to move on. The temporary Sugar diet approach can also work. Tell your SD that he has helped reach your goal – suggest a temporary reduction in allowance or use a lot of your ongoing allowance to treat him. If the arrangement is going to continue, it is in the best interest of both you and your Sugar Daddy to make sure the commitment and purpose is still there.