Taking Full Advantage of Hotel Visits

By Harana

Jun 18, 2018

Hotels are the last location on my mind whenever I have to think of a place to meet a potential Sugar Daddy.  I cannot stress any stronger how important it is for Sugar Babies to schedule public meetings first. Do so at a location filled with people, open space, and good lighting. Hotels are known to connote a subtle, sexual implication. The public areas of a hotel café or restaurant are relatively safe enough for a personal meet-up. What’s more is the perfect location you got on your hands for an impromptu photo-shoot, a much-deserved spa session, and a satisfying 5-star meal.

Sugar Smart, Sugar Safe

Any other motto pales in comparison to this fundamental Sugar mindset. If you don’t feel reassured that you can guarantee your safety and comfort on a date, then spend more time thinking about it, or don’t even bother. It’s strongly advised not to engage in any sexual activities on the first date. Never EVER meet in a place that you think you’ll be taken advantage of. There’s an equally big chance that the Daddies who would like to meet in a hotel straight away is a Salt Daddy or a more harmful sexual predator, anyway.

A reason why being street-smart would play such a beneficial role in the Sugaring lifestyle is the added knowledge of what’s around the corner. You should value the ability to make your way around specific areas. Pinpoint great places that would make good spots for Sugar Dates.

If you did have to be near a hotel after a date it doesn’t hurt to set your foot inside one. Why look for a place where you could relish in your recently earned allowance when you have one right in front of you? The ideas below are only some of the limitless possibilities you can treat yourself with. Give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve earned it.

Show off that #OOTD

Making its way into official Internet slang dictionary (and my personal vocabulary) is the “outfit of the day” term, OOTD.  There’s nothing wrong with being a little vain and particular about the garments you wear. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with contributing to the ever-changing fashion world. Capture the stylish ensemble you had on the other day. Whether impromptu or planned, hotels are guaranteed to have the perfect backdrop for a mini photo-shoot. Its locations of the pool area, indoor gardens, and lobby are among some of the most beautiful sites for you to pose with. If you’re not one for the extravagant, fancy kinds of pictures, you could still make good use of more subtle backgrounds. White, brick, or grass backgrounds for the classic against-the-wall pictures suit any aesthetic.

Treat Yourself to a Good Spa Sesh

The manicure gods have called. They demand your long-time ugly and neglected cuticles are pushed back and nails be designed into pastel prettiness. From the simplest facial treatment to a complete gel mani-pedi, the self-indulgence of a pampering session is never one to joke about. Even a well-executed massage has its working wonders in order to relax the muscles that have gone rigid and tense from all that hard work. One way you could chip off some of your allowances is a not-too-lavish trip to the spa.

Eat Some High-Class Nom Noms

I was completely taken aback when I had my first bite of portobello mushroom, cheesy-goodness lasagna. Luxurious hotels don’t play around in the food aspect. Part of a reason why people would usually pursue the Sugar Baby lifestyle is the advancement in living. Nothing says the good life better than the palatable delicacies. Good food is just something so soothing. At the same time, it can be expensive and budget-breaking, too. Personally, I never spend more than I have to in terms of food. The rare occasions that I earned a whole load were the times that I splurged.  So, Bon Appetit!

What are your favorite hotel activities? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.