Texting a Potential Sugar Daddy

By Alexis G

Jul 04, 2016

You may be a texting queen, but chances are your Sugar Daddy isn’t down to spend hours texting back and forth. Don’t bombard him with messages all day long, instead text him strategically to guarantee you’re always on his mind without blowing up his phone or annoying him. Here are my tips for texting a potential Sugar Daddy. 

Strategy 1: The follow-up

After a date with POT send a sweet text the next day such as;, “Had a great time with you. Thanks again for the amazing meal and even better company. Hope we can do it again soon.”

Although I’m sure you remembered to thank him at the end of your date reinforcing your gratitude and the fact that you enjoyed your time with him can go along way in strengthening your bond.

Strategy 2: Get the ball rolling

Before a date with a POT you’ve been seeing for a while send him a text to let him know he’s on your mind. If you really want to capture his attention send a flirty photo with the text. Men are visual beings and giving him a sneak peek will definitely capture his attention.

Strategy 3: Take a vote

The next time you are out shopping for swimsuits make a contest out of it. Snap a photo of yourself in several different suits and send them to your Sugar Daddy. Ask him which one he prefers and promise to model the winner for him later. Your Sugar Daddy will enjoy receiving some sexy pictures and making it a bit of a game is a great way to connect when you’re apart.

Strategy 4: After a big event

Show your Sugar Daddy you listen to him by remembering to check-in after important events in his life. If you know he had a big meeting at work, ask him how it went. If you know his favorite sports team had a big game ask him about it (although he might be a bit cranky about it if his team lost). Asking about things that are important in his life will help you bond as a pair and build a stronger connection.

Strategy 5: Just because

This is one of my favorites, everyone likes knowing they are on their significant other’s mind and that’s exactly what this strategy is about. Send him a reminder of something funny that happened the last time you were together or just a quick text letting him know he’s on your mind. Your Sugar Daddy will appreciate your efforts.


These are just guidelines. As your relationship grows you and your POT will develop a communication style that works for you as a couple.