Five Types of Daddies & Mamas you Meet in the Sugar Bowl

By Brielle

Apr 18, 2019

Whether you’re new to sugaring or a well-seasoned pro, you’ve no doubt had a few runs in with various types of daddies or sugar mamas. All of us at one time or another had to kiss a few frogs before we found the one.

So here are the five types of daddies/mamas you may meet in the sugar bowl.

The Poser

We’ve all experienced this at one time or another unless you’re just really lucky.

This is the one who tells you everything you want to hear. They look the part and acts the part of every babies dream. But when it comes down to it, they either bailor claim they don’t have the money now.

Word to the wise; if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.

The “No Boundaries” Daddy

I’m not talking ‘No boundaries’ as in fashion. I’m talking about Mr/Ms. Clingy. This daddy/mama believes that the baby should have no other focus in ice but pleasing them. It’s 6 am and your phone is blown up with five texts already. This daddy/mama will keep texting you until you answer. My advice? Run, don’t walk away.

The Married Sugar Daddy/Mama

This is actually the relationship I prefer because going in, I know that daddy is not going to be a stage 5 clinger. He has a life outside of me and that’s just fine.

For some babies, being with a married daddy/mama can be a deal breaker. Chances are, they are not going to leave their spouse for you. This is the type of relationship where boundaries have to be established early on. For anyone considering this type of arrangement, ask yourself if you will be okay with being the other “woman” or “man.” Can you deal with a relationship where you do not text or call at certain times and discretion is of the highest order? If not, this relationship is not for you.

The Splenda or Salt Daddy/Mama

Similar to the poser, this one takes it a step further. The Splenda daddy/mama tries to spoil you in the manner you deserve, but they fall short. Otherwise known as a champagne taste on a beer budget.

The salt daddy/mama often runs scams and frauds. They will want you to give them your banking info so they can deposit money. It usually comes with “errands” to send some of it to someone like a secretary. Do not fall for it. This is a scam and you will be left holding the bag and liable for any bad debt that comes from this. If anyone wants your bank info, they are not a real daddy/mama. Get away and report them.

The Real Deal

After kissing many frogs, you find the real deal. This daddy/mama will be there for you and do what they say they will. They will set up a legitimate allowance which allows you to pay your bills and expenses. They love to spoil you with flowers and gifts, as well as take you on vacations. Often, this relationship is done in person to prove legitimacy.

You will be expected to attend parties and events and are encouraged to look your best. This relationship brings lots of chances for networking which can be beneficial for your career post sugaring. This is the goal for most babies. It is not unattainable; you just need to know that you are worthy of an amazing sugar experience and not settle for anything less.