The Pros of Having a Sugar Roommate

By Brie

Sep 23, 2017

Sugaring can be difficult, but so can living on your own. Making new friends and finding that perfect apartment is a blur, but nothing compares to the struggles of finding a compatible roommate. Sometimes it’s easier to live with a close friend or relative, but even those close to us can disagree with the way we live our lives. So what might be an alternative to this? Finding someone who shares a similar lifestyle; a Sugar lifestyle! Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a Sugar roommate: 


Sometimes we feel like we can’t always relate with those who aren’t familiar with the lifestyle. Specifically in terms of dating. But in all honesty, that’s what the Sugar Bowl is here for. We reach out to our fellow sugar sisters not only for understanding, but for overall support. Having a Sugar Sister as a roommate allows for a friendship that goes beyond the means of a living arrangement. 


Because safety is most important on a date, sharing details of your plans with someone is a smart way to stay in tune. Where you’re expected to be and for how long are details that will help your roommate pinpoint your whereabouts. This could for personal timing, or in case of an emergency. This is especially important when living in a large city or a new area. Another good idea is to organize a secret meeting spot for when both of you are out and about. 


The major plus to having a roommate is the cost of living. New York, Los Angeles and many other major cities call for rent rates that are typically high. Sometimes it goes beyond your budget, but hey, I can think of someone who may help with that! But even Daddy can’t always pay the rent, especially if your arrangement is not long term. A roommate will not eliminate your need to pay the bills, but will certainly relieve the financial burdens that are associated with living costs. 

Build the Network

To build your Sugar community, you gotta get involved. Reach out to your fellow sisters! Attend a SeekingArrangement event. Our very own Sugar Support Forum gives you the option to engage with users from all over. There are plenty of threads with inquires regarding roommates and many other topics. Should these work in your favor, you will shortly be on your way to meeting your next Sugar sister.