The Secret Formula to Creating the Perfect Seeking Profile

By Margo

Dec 30, 2018

Creating a profile, regardless of what it is for, is never an easy task. Whether it’s for Facebook or Instagram, to LinkedIn or Seeking, no one really enjoys the task itself. I just dread it all together, but unfortunately, it’s not going to create itself.

I have created several Seeking accounts over the years and just like with any other profiles you might create for other platforms, how you present yourself has an impact on who interacts with you. The perk about this is that you are completely in control of the fishing line and the bait.

After many trial and errors, while creating my Seeking profiles, I found what I feel like is the “secret formula.” Which enabled me to find my current daddy, who by the way is what every girl wants, but rarely finds. Both in and out of the Sugar Bowl, he is a total catch. We have a legitimate real open connection, we Snapchat and text once in a while, go about our own lives and then when we connect it’s like living out some exciting double life together. It’s a great escape. My point is that I found him using my “secret formula.” I never had this much luck with this many quality options.

Now a small disclaimer: What I am about to tell you is something you probably have either thought of doing or maybe tried and it just didn’t work for you. Not every tip and trick is for everyone.


Really think about the top three things you want out of this relationship and what your goals are. Write them down.


Where do I draw the line and say no? Do I have boundaries, what ones can I push and which ones do I know won’t budge?


What kind of man are you looking for on Seeking? Affectionate, older, quiet, loud, refined or laid back? Know that in any relationship, especially in these kinds, compromises must be made, however, don’t sell yourself too short.


Be honest with yourself and with your potentials from the start. It’s okay to polish yourself up, or even add some white lies or embellishments to your profile, but don’t go crazy. It will eventually catch up to you. Not only that, but it takes effort to keep up a lie, who wants that extra stress?


Do you want more revealing photos on your profile? Or are you going for sexy, but tasteful? Maybe a mix? Maybe a few that show your different sides? Keep in mind this is your #1 ticket in finding who you want to attract.

For me personally, I was very honest and open about myself this time around. I said I was looking for an open, mutually-beneficial relationship that had chemistry. I couldn’t force myself to enjoy someone’s company. I made it known right off the bat what I could or could not do. I expressed what I would bring to the relationship, but made it known what my expectations were of the person as well. I also stated that I was in school, worked full time, and had a daughter so my availability wouldn’t be as open.

I also listed my best features: down to earth, witty, knowledgeable, great cook, kind, cute, outgoing, funny, an old soul with a young spirit etc. I made sure they knew that I loved dressing up as much as I liked sitting in sweat-pants and drinking a cold beer together. I made it known that I would not send explicit pictures to strangers, I didn’t want anything to feel cold or transactional. Then I ended with “Say hi! I don’t bite! Or list your top 3 movies!” I posted 3 pictures (all very honest of what I look like), and this time around I kept them slightly sexy, but more refined and almost professional.

Previously, I would only list my best features, not really talk much about my own expectations and my pictures were … well, let’s just say they weren’t as tasteful as the ones on my new account. I didn’t get as many DMs as I had in the past, but the quality of the people in my inbox improved dramatically. Rarely did I get any salt daddies, and almost every single one mentioned how much they admired and appreciated the candor in my profile, which is what drew them in initially.