Three Steps to Score a Sugar Daddy

By Ashleigh

Nov 05, 2015

So you want to score a Sugar Daddy? Well you’re already off to a great start by using Let’s Talk Sugar to get all the need to know information for any newbie.  A common misconception is that successful Sugar Babies are made purely from good looks and even better luck. While it never hurts to be good looking, there is work involved to score a Sugar Daddy of your own.  Let’s break it down into three basic steps.

Step One:

Know what you want heading into the Sugar Bowl. Before you even start searching for that perfect POT, take some time to reflect on what you want from a Sugar relationship.  Are you seeking help with tuition? Searching for mentorship? How can you find a Sugar Daddy if you don’t even know what you’re looking for?

After you figure out what you want, then draw clear lines of what your boundaries are in securing an arrangement . Sugar dating is all about being upfront with your needs so they can be met, hence forming a mutually beneficial relationship. You can’t set that solid foundation if your wants are not stable.

Step Two:

Sign up at and let the hunt begin. Now that you have all your ground work laid out, it’s time to create your profile to best represent you and your needs. You’ve done your research, so don’t fall victim to amatuer hour with a vague profile stating that you’re “new to sugar dating” or “will fill this out later”.  That comes off lazy and can lead a POT to pass your profile by. Be unique.

Having a well thought out body of text can go a long way and has the potential to hook a POT before you even exchange that first message. In addition, be sure to have a plethora of pictures for him to see your best assets and interests.  This includes a combination of full body, profile and even one of you doing something you love to add personality . Ladies please, absolutely no duck faces, sunglasses, or blurry photos.

Step Three:

Time to dive into the messages that are sure to be flooding your inbox! Now that you’ve done the work, it’s time to start chatting with the POTs, maybe even just the one you’re looking for.  Remember to always be a lady and really take the time to converse and get to know the man you’re messaging.  No one likes an entitled individual who jumps straight to talk of allowance before getting to know each other.

Follow these three staple steps to ensure scoring yourself a prime Sugar Daddy. Even if you’re in a Sugar drought, repeating these is ensure to refresh your sweet potential.
What’s your go to method for scoring a Sugar Daddy?