Tips for Attracting a Sugar Daddy

By Chelsea

Oct 09, 2015

Finding a rich man to date is not for the weak. In fact, it is like a full-time job when you’re trying to land the ultimate “Daddy”. Whether you want to be a Sugar Baby or a trophy wife, you should follow these simple rules and tips for attracting a Sugar Daddy.

Find out what your allure is and use it.

Whether you’re the wild sexy party girl, a girl pursuing a college education, or looking to climb to the top of the business world with a wealthy man, you should always be your best self and not try to act like someone else. Set a clear goal in mind and let your colors shine through.

Don’t waste time on “Salty” men.

In the Sugar Bowl, the term “Salty” means a guy who is pretending to be a Sugar Daddy or is difficult with allowances and cash. If he’s the generous millionaire that you’ve been looking for, he will surely help you when you need him. Treat him well, but if he is not looking for something mutually beneficial then don’t ignore the red flags.

Dress and look the part.

My favorite beauty word is “polished”. It describes perfectly how every woman should look when she’s meeting a successful man. Understand that wealthy people are usually conscious of how their lady looks in public. Even if the relationship begins as discreet, he will appreciate it if you are put together. This is important for first impressions. So if you’re heading out to meet a POT, keep your look simple and sexy. A form fitting dress or nice skinny jeans with heels are a perfect go to. If you do not like to dress up a lot, then this kind of dating may not be right for you.

C​lass and Communication

Two of the most important things leading up to the golden rule are keeping clear communication with your potential man and always staying classy with your words and tone. A successful guy does not like drama, drunks, and girls that take a week to text them back. I have made this mistake before in not paying enough attention to my Sugaring relationship. A good morning text and giving him a call while you’re running errands will go a long way.

Treat him like a King, to be spoiled like a Queen

Tell him he’s handsome, give him a shoulder rub, and pick up his favorite coffee or a card. A real man wants a real woman who’s got it together and knows how to make him smile. If you’re the apple of his eye, then he won’t hesitate to give you what you’ve been wanting.

There’s a lot of sugar in the bowl, so you’ve got to keep it sweet!
xoxo Chelsea Rachelle