Tips for Dating a Foodie Daddy

By Alexis G

Aug 18, 2016

Finding ways to bond with your Sugar Daddy is one of the most important things you can do in order to maintain a successful arrangement with your Sugar Daddy. All Sugar Daddies have their own unique hobbies and interests some of which are easier to get on board with than others.

Getting to know a POT who is a self-proclaimed “foodie” can be tricky territory especially if you aren’t accustomed to a vast array of culinary experiences. Here are some tips for dating a Foodie Daddy.

Picky Eaters Beware

Contrary to what you may believe, Sugar Daddies don’t think your weird eating habits are cute. This especially rings true with a Foodie Daddy. A foodie is someone who thinks of eating as more of a hobby than a necessary daily task and so they put time and effort into planning their culinary experiences.

A Foodie Daddy is looking for a Sugar Baby who is willing be adventurous when it comes to what she puts on her plate. He doesn’t expect you to love every new thing you try, but if you order a chicken caesar salad with dressing on the side at every restaurant you visit, you can expect him to get tired of you very quickly.

Expect The Unexpected

You may be used to Sugar Daddies taking you to the most expensive and exclusive restaurants in town, but with a Foodie Daddy things will be different. Sure, you will likely dine at high-end restaurants with top-rated chefs, but you should also expect to visit a tiny hole in the wall with the best dumplings in town.

When presented with these situations, a Foodie Daddy is looking for a Sugar Baby who is open to new experiences even if it isn’t quite what she was expecting. Be adventurous and enjoy the new cuisine!

Sharing is Caring

One of the best parts about dating a foodie is the sharing that is involved. A true foodie wants to experience as many flavor profiles as possible and so it’s likely that he will offer you some of his dish and expect to try yours in return. He will also be a fan of ordering multiple dishes so you can get a real feel for the menu.

Great Food Isn’t Always Around the Corner

A foodie Daddy is going to be very tuned-in to what is going on in the culinary world so you should be prepared for impromptu trips to try out new cuisine. You might think he planned a trip to Italy so the two of you could experience a romantic getaway, but in reality he probably has a food tour or two planned.

Dating a foodie isn’t for everyone, but if you have a love for new experiences and a passion for food you and your Foodie Daddy should get along just fine.