Tips for Older Sugar Babies

By Malia

Apr 13, 2016

Some Sugar Daddies consider 18 to 21-year-old to be the prime years of innocence for a Sugar Baby, while others associate the 22 to 25-year-olds as ladies with some experience. Sadly, few SDs deliberately search for Babies in the 35 to 50-year-old range. Does it mean you have to limit yourself to a 65 to 80-year-old SD to keep the age difference intact? Absolutely not! Today I’m sharing my techniques for older Sugar Babies who know that age ain’t nothing but a number.

Search Engine Basics

When a SD searches by geographic location, results give equal opportunity to all SBs. Your profile image becomes the primary motivator for viewing your bio. I chose a bikini shot as my main picture because of my trim physique. While some people advise against that approach, I find it suitable to preempt second thoughts from contacting me once he sees my age. I still show classier outfits later but he won’t be thinking of me as a granny in Spankx by then. What is your strongest physical asset? Set it as a focal point.


Daddies may search for SBs by keywords, so I may use hot keywords in different context throughout my bio. For instance, I use the word “student” as: I’m a student of life. Or, if I could be a student again, I’d get an MBA. That can also trigger later conversations for support in  continuing education and conveying your openness to learn more. Once again, remind him that you are not old.

Reverse Roles

If Daddy combines multi-filtering, it may inevitably conceal your bio. That leads into the importance of making the first contact.  Contacting first increases odds of making a connection by 50% as his options are either to reply or ignore. If you have the means to invest, upgrade to premium level for visibility, and it may pay off by reducing your search time. Just make sure not to appear desperate. Sometimes asking for permission to see someone’s private photos is a good way to start the conversation with no pressure.

Get Him Hooked

If I attract a SD attention, I quickly establish a good flow of communication. The secret is to apply reverse psychology to trigger his Sugar Daddy hunting instinct. Take his mind off negatives and become a prize he needs to win. Sugar Daddies on SeekingArrangement are generally (exceptions exist) complacent on their upper-hand picking position.

A soft reminder on how mating is done in traditional ways increases my chances of success. It’s almost like a wakeup call for him to show his A-game. When I push back and he realizes his BS behavior won’t be as acceptable as it with less experienced girls. I don’t make it completely easy for a sugar daddy to get me. Easy come, easy goes.

How To Compete With A Young SB

Don’t. If attracting a much younger mate is your primary motivation, nothing will convince him otherwise. My analogy here is a fresh divorcee when he finally breaks free: let this Sugar Daddy pursue the young SB first. The best POTs for mature babies are experienced Daddies who feel somewhat burnt out. Demonstrate your ability to relate firsthand where he struggles (nagging wives, pushy girlfriends with a biological clock ticking, work pressure, stress, etc.).

The trick is to position yourself with your youthful personality and looks while enriching your POT experience with mature life experiences and attitude. Even if SDs say he wants uncomplicated NSA, he enjoys living in the moment with a more comprehensive relationship and familiarity.


Practice patience. This is a universal tip for all SBs, but exercise patience when it comes the Sugar Bowl is key. The pool of POTs is more limited and may take longer.  
There is room for babies of all ages in the pot. Good luck!