Tips for Sugar Babies with Day Jobs

By Kaye

Aug 01, 2016

You’ve put in the hours, you earned the degree and now you’ve finally landed your dream job – now what? Remember, success is not just about getting ahead, but also staying ahead. Below are some words of advice for the business savvy Babies out there who want to keep the momentum going.

Look For Opportunities

To be successful you can’t just wait for opportunities, you have to look for them. There’s always someone out there hungrier than you are, and they will seize that job opening or that internship or that raise if you don’t. Networking, mingling with different department heads, conferences, offering to freelance, and part-time work are all great ways of creating opportunities.


Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s easy for priorities to get lost in the shuffle of everyday life (stress, distractions, relationships, bills, work, family, etc.). Make a list of your goals and rank them in accordance with what matters most; from short term financial goals like paying off a credit card, to long term career goals.  An easy way to keep your eyes on the prize is to have that list to reference. Keep in mind this list can be fluid – my goals are constantly changing as are their timelines.

Never Say No

At work your first answer should never be ‘no’. Always look for a solution. Trust me, employers and coworkers will come to rely on your energy, ambition and willingness to solve problems if you make it a habit to be helpful. No matter what industry or field you’re in, instilling the customer service approach when being faced with a challenge will go a long way. Ask yourself; how would I feel if someone were to give me that answer? Did they do their best to help me?

Do Things That Scare You

No doubt you’ve heard this saying before, but it’s completely true. The only way to grow personally and professionally is to push yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone. This means asking for more work, initiating collaboration with other departments, and speaking up during meetings. I am personally terrified of public speaking, but to be the best at my job, I have to get over that fear. I now make it a point to speak up during public forums, meetings and .

Failing is frightening, but wasted potential is worse.   

Check Your Attitude

It’s not humanly possible to always have a great day. Personal struggles will arise as we fully transition into adulthood, your colleagues may have clashing personalities, or you may just be having a bad week, but those are not excuses to perform poorly at work. Check your attitude at the door. It’s tough, but do the best you can to treat every day like game day by performing at your peak.

Do you have any other tips for Sugar Babies with day jobs? Drop your feedback below or chat with me in the forums!