Tips for the Married Sugar Baby

By Brielle

Oct 25, 2018

If you’re married and in the sugar bowl, you have a whole set of considerations that other sb’s don’t have. You have your husband and family commitments, as well as your sugaring. So how do you keep it sweet?

First, keep your married life separate from your sugar life. This means getting a bank account or credit card in your name. You can also use a PayPal or Venmo account in your name only.

Set boundaries early

Let your POT know up front you are married and that there will be times you can’t just drop everything. What kind of relationship will this be? How much intimacy are you comfortable with? Do you want a more platonic relationship or do you mind kissing and hugging? Are you open to a sexual relationship or not? This needs to be discussed before entering the relationship.

Decide how much and how often to communicate

If you know there will be times you won’t be available, give him a schedule. Discuss what mode of communication works best. Will it be email? WhatsApp? Kik? If you don’t feel comfortable texting, take that off the table. If you decide on email, create an email just for him. Be sure to turn off notifications on your communication apps until you are alone.

Come up with a side gig title for your “job.”

You will eventually travel, so you will need to have a good explanation of where you are going and what you are doing. A freelance photographer or writer is always a good one.

Special considerations

For those with more than one SD, it’s always nice to have a backup SD. More money, more attention, and more chances for travel! Who wouldn’t want that? But it gets a little more complicated when you’re a Married Sugar Baby. So what do you do?

Designate a schedule

Let each of them know individually what times you will be available and for how long. This is when keeping a planner or a calendar becomes so important, particularly if you have more than one SD. You can mark out times for one Daddy and then times for the other. But remember that your family time trumps all.

My number 1 tip

Treat this as a job. Because it is. Remember no matter how exciting sugaring can be, at the end of the day; you are married and/or have a family. That will always come first. If your SD doesn’t understand that; cut him loose. There’s plenty of other daddies in the sugar bowl.