Tips for Traveling with Daddy

By Sugar Baby Victoria

Mar 21, 2016

What could possibly be better than exploring the beauty of the world with an established, classy gentleman who is only interested in taking care of you? When you start traveling with a Sugar Daddy, you grow accustomed to spectacular views, picturesque landscapes, first class flights, upscale hotels, magnificent skylines and breathtaking panoramas. After all, it’s all about the luxurious lifestyle, sharing unforgettable moments together, and creating memories. In this article I would like to share some tips for traveling with Daddy.

Financial Planning

Your allowance should be paid well in advance. You are taking your time off work, and that alone should be compensated accordingly. There’s a lot of everyday expenses, as well – you need to pay your rent, bills and utilities. Some girls often prefer to leave an envelope with some cash for their parents or relatives to cover some current expenses or to cover any home maintenance emergencies. Also, I always leave my hotel address and flight numbers at home, just in case.

Spa Time

I always go to the beauty salon before traveling and get the full beauty treatment: a Shellac manicure and fresh pedi, facial, hair mask and a wax. Moisturizing facials will help you combat airline fatigue and help you maintain that healthy glow (cabin air is very dry and that’s why moisturizing and hydration should be your skincare priority). I also usually get a spray tan a day or two before traveling which will allow the color fully develop. A tan helps me feel more toned and improves my complexion tremendously.

Pack Accordingly

Traveling with your Sugar Daddy is all about sharing fun times, comfort, relaxation and great memories. To avoid any unnecessary anxiety or crowding the hotel room, I recommend packing lightly (but obviously, stylishly) by bringing eight tops and eight bottoms – that’s 64 different outfits! Bring your favorite fragrances, lingerie and accessories and pack two swim suits.

Rest Up

Get plenty of sleep before the trip and try to avoid carbs, soda and starchy foods. I eat very little on the plane, and drink plenty of water and tomato juice. It’s rich on antioxidants and works like a natural energy drink for me. Don’t drink on the plane, however tempting those fancy little bottles of wine look to you – alcohol breath is not very lady like.

The Arrival

When you arrive, greet Daddy with a big smile and a hug – I am a firm believer in the language of touch. Touch is healing and it creates the feeling of comfort and togetherness. Imagine it’s your long lost friend, and that now you have reunited again.


Make sure the hotel is booked in your name, or the booking confirmation has both of your names on it and get two separate key cards. You are a lady and deserve your own privacy for everyday beauty routines. He needs his own privacy and personal space, as well. Besides, hanging around your Sugar Daddy 24/7 often comes across as being insecure and needy. 

Maintain Health Routines 

Don’t stop taking your vitamins and supplements when you’re on vacation and don’t discontinue taking any medication. If you are planning a passionate romantic getaway with Daddy, it might be useful to look up some birth control methods ahead of time that would allow you to postpone your period for a couple of weeks. 

Keep Him Happy

Your main concern should be keeping your Sugar Daddy happy and relaxed. Help him feel comfortable around you by showing respect and genuine concern. Always hold his hand while sightseeing, it’s a very nice touch. When you go places together, hold him close and compliment him on his looks.

Use your phone to Yelp cool and trendy activities and restaurants in surrounding areas. In the event of a disagreement, I recommend that you try to avoid continuing the conversation and change the subject. If you’re really bothered by something, you can discuss it later, but vacation is a time for relaxation so don’t sour the mood. 

Don’t Spend Your Whole Trip Shopping

Don’t ask for too much shopping and don’t indulge in too many souvenirs. Instead, spend most of the time sightseeing, exploring new cuisine and getting to know the culture – these will be more meaningful memories. Plus, it’s better to save some cash to take home with you. Sugar Daddies are all about being respectful and mature, and they will always make sure you feel taken care of.
I hope my magical list of traveling tips is helpful to all of my Sugar Sisters out there ready to hit the road with Daddy.