Tips For Serious Sugar Babies

By BalancedSD

Aug 26, 2016

Many Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies want to know how to have more productive, enjoyable messages and initial meets that have a high potential to become fruitful  arrangements. Poor planning and expectations on both sides can lead to mediocre meets and a slew of disappointments. This can quickly leave aspiring Sugar seekers feeling jaded and ready to throw in the towel.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and for you Babies struggling to better connect with a legitimate, well-intentioned and generous SD, here are a few tips for serious Sugar Babies.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

An old phrase in the computer programming world – GIGO.  The concept is simple; a half-hearted effort into something will often leave you with half-pleasing or zero-pleasing results. The same mentality holds just as true – if not more – in the Sugar Bowl. It starts with your profile.  Despite the many posts and great suggestions about the importance of your profile, many profiles continue to be vague and generic.

Take the time to construct a well-thought out profile that really presents you as a unique person with your own special flavor to bring to a potential Daddy. It can be time consuming to get more in-depth, but short profiles suggest the Sugar Baby is really not that interesting or not committed to putting in her best effort to finding Sugar. A blank profile will actually discourage the right type of Daddy from coming along.  

Details Matter

For Sugar Babies, messages often flood in and it can be difficult to sort through the garbage to find the messages worth replying to. When a message comes in, if it does not address your profile in any form, simply delete the message no matter how intriguing the offer may be. If he brings up significant allowance details and you never asked for those in your profile, that can also be a red flag.  

Tip: In your profile, ask a question that he needs to answer.  Avoid ‘how much allowance?’ type questions as that can scare off real Sugar Daddies or make you come across as desperate.  Keep it light, such as the last movie he saw or what movie he thinks you would like based on your profile.

First Impressions Matter

The early stage emails and text messages are chock full of details that need to be incorporated into your screening. Got a great initial email and then the follow-up is full of spelling errors or short-hand speak? Those do not even merit a reply.  If the formatting and presentation of his messages are half-hearted, then odds are, he feels the same about Sugar. The same rules go for  Sugar Babies. No text-speak in messages and try to reply promptly.  

Focus on making an involved, charming and memorable first impression for the select few that have made it past the earlier screening tests. You should also gravitate toward Sugar Daddies that are clearly putting in the same effort for you.

Casual First Meeting

If a POT has paid attention to your well-thought out profile and is actively engaging you in conversation, try to move to an initial meeting as soon as possible. This assumes you are interested and are also showing the potential Daddy your high-interest level in him by giving him respectful, prompt and adult conversation. Rather than hold out for a more formal, lengthier date, aim to set up a short, casual meet in the very near future.  

Everyone is busy, particularly successful Sugar Daddies, but part of Sugaring is making each other a priority. If he cannot make 30 minutes for you in the near future, how will he do it in the future? The same goes for Sugar Babies – if you cannot commit the time to meet, it is unlikely that the Sugar will ever flow.

A 30-minute chat that concludes there is no mutual Sugar chemistry is sure lighter on your psyche, your schedule and your wallet than getting dolled up for a super-fancy night out at 5-star restaurant. A potential Daddy may suggest a lengthier outing, but politely counter that you prefer a casual and short first date.

Be True to You

Many Sugar Babies enter the the Sugar Bowl hoping for quick fixes to financial difficulties or immediately be gifted the life of a Housewife from Orange County. Being a great Sugar Baby requires a great deal of effort and openness to new things. It takes a lot of energy. Always evaluate what you are really trying to accomplish. If your only goal is to get your rent payment in your pocket towards the end of the month, then Sugaring may not be for you. Finding a second job could be a more financially rewarding and less taxing way to spend your energy.  

It is not easy to find Sugar and anyone that suggests that it is, has probably left out a few details. By quickly weeding out the good ones from initial messages to minimizing your time on first dates, you will meet better quality men. You will also avoid the stress and resentment caused from the feeling of putting in too much energy for nothing in return.

Lastly, do not compare yourself to anyone else. If you meet a Sugar Sister that landed a $5,000 per month Sugar Daddy right away, you may start to feel jealous or question yourself. That mindset can stop a great thing before it even gets started. Whatever the terms of the arrangement, if the two of you enjoy each other’s company and you are both pleased with what is being offered, then it is a very good thing.