Tips for Traveling with A Sugar Daddy

By Charmlessgirl

Mar 22, 2018

Congratulations! Your Daddy enjoys your company enough to declare you a travel-ready. Little lady, you have now entered the elite domain of TravelBaby.  Now that you are on to jet setting here awesome tips for traveling with a Sugar Daddy.

Get That Paper!

Obtain a passport and visa. Like now, b!tch. Nothing will throw a wrench in your plans like having your rendezvous delayed because your travel credentials weren’t ready. Visas and passports can take up 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery. If you know you’re looking for a relationship that involves jet-setting at a moment’s notice get your stuff in order. Get a jumpstart on your passport application BEFORE you meet Mr. Right.

Body Work

That body not exactly tight as a drum? Don’t worry! Girl, you’re still fly.  Borrow or buy a smokin’ hot bathing suit to don if you’re looking fit. Pack a classy, yet sexy cover-up (no muumuus!) to hide problem areas while on the beach. Waxing. Do it. You’re entering the jungle, not having him discover one beneath your underwear.
Pro tips: Drink A LOT of water. Do so before and during your trip. Upon arrival eat some local yogurt. This helps assimilate your digestive “flora” (friendly stomach bacteria) to new foreign cuisine. This may make you less susceptible to food poisoning.  High-five! Generally, avoid street food.


Research the culture, history, and cuisine of your destination before arriving. Impress yourself, the locals, and your Sugar Daddy by taking the time to learn a few words of the local language. Learn handy phrases like Hello, goodbye, thank you, Where’s the bathroom? I seem to be on fire, et cetera. If you are heading to a destination that is totally foreign to you remember to respect the culture, laws, and social norms of the country.

Act Right

Bring comfortable shoes! Do not ruin his Harajuku buzz by cutting the day short because your dogs are barking and you didn’t have the good sense to bring anything other stilettos to a ten-hour daytrip. Remember, you have the ability to be sexy in absolutely anything you wear. This includes sneakers. If you’re worried about staying fly, throw a pair of kitten heels in your bag before you roll out.

Pro tips:  Carry at least $200 USD cash on you while traveling. Soon after arriving exchange some of your dollars to local currency so that you have a little of the country’s money. Inform your friends and family of where you are going ahead of time. Provide them the number and name of the place where you’ll reside while you are there. Tell them the duration of your trip. Before your trip, purchase a money belt, which is a belt with pockets usually worn under clothing to conceal your valuables. Keep your passport on you whenever you go out, but hidden from sight.

Stranger Danger

Avoiding drinking any beverage you’ve left unattended for more than a few minutes. Try and order drinks made in front of you or come served in a capped bottle (opened upon serving). And because I’m looking out for all my novice Babies, coupled with the fact that I’ve definitely been viewing too many true crime dramas, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little Googling about other things to be aware of as a female tourist in your destination country. Safety first!
Pro tip: Do not drink tap water in your destination country. Trust me, just don’t do it.


Are you going on a getaway with your Sugar Daddy any time soon? What tips would you suggest to another Sugar Baby? Leave the, in the comments below!