Top 10 Books that Every Sugar Baby Must Read

By JadeSeashell

Jun 20, 2018
Are you an avid reader and lifelong learner? In fact, more and more Sugar Babies are smart women who know the importance of knowledge and wisdom, so in this article, I will recommend 10 books that every Sugar Baby must read!


#1. 48 Laws of Power (by Robert Greene)

Firstly, If you want to understand human nature, this is the first book that you should read. Robert Greene is the world’s No. 1 realist who has profound insights into power, seduction, and strategies. As Frank Underwood (from “House of Cards”) famously says, “A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except for sex. Sex is about power.”

He is actually right. Power is the ultimate thing that everyone wants. Another marvelous quote from Frank Underwood: “Such a waste of talent. He chose money over power. In this town, a mistake nearly everyone makes. Money is the Mc-mansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after 10 years. Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I cannot respect someone who doesn’t see the difference.” By the way, the popular TV show “House of Cards” was inspired by Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. You must read this book and learn how successful people actually operate in every area of life.

#2. Ho Tactics (by L. G. Lambert)

This book is doing very well on Amazon, but it’s never been featured on mainstream media because it’s not mainstream-friendly.  L. G. Lambert is also a realist who writes books in a candid and straightforward way. The only downside of this book is that the game plan recommended by the author is completely based on the western culture and how the western society operates, so it fails to incorporate eastern philosophy which is the core principle of Robert Greene’s books (maybe that’s why Robert Greene is the No. 1 realist in the world, whereas L.G. Lambert isn’t).

For instance, L. G. Lambert only teaches women how to get into rich men’s wallet. But the hardest thing to do in the entire world is to take money from someone else’s pocket. Therefore, this book would be better if it also teaches women how to leverage wealthy men’s power and work more on the power area – at the end of the day, power brings tremendous wealth in the long term, whereas getting some cash from a rich guy is only a short-term tactic.  As the eastern saying goes, “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”

Utilizing Your Feminine Energy

#3. Your Beauty Mark (by Dita Von Teese)

Secondly, Dita Von Teese is a Burlesque star who is famous for her eccentric beauty and glamour. Research shows that Dita Von Teese is many Sugar Daddies’ favorite woman on the planet because of her unique attractiveness. In her book, you will learn how to look like a Burlesque queen, how to live a luxury lifestyle and how to enjoy the assets you already have.

#4. How to Instantly Connect with Anyone (by Leil Lowndes)

If you want to get a Sugar Daddy fast, you must read this book written by the human dynamics expert Leil Lowndes. In this book, you will learn 96 tricks for big success in relationships. Although we all know knowledge is power, the truth is: the implementation of knowledge is real power. So you would be well-advised to utilize these tricks from this book as soon as possible.

#5. Radical Self-love (by Gala Darling)

Self-love is the foundation of everything you’ll achieve in life. If you are an ambitious Sugar Baby who wants to go far in life, you should build this foundation early. This book teaches you exactly what to do in order to truly love yourself without any corny cliché.

Fashion and Design

#6. Front Roe (by Louise Roe)

Next, Front Roe is not a regular fashion book that you’ll find in the average bookstore. In fact, this book includes beauty, fashion, lifestyle and movie recommendations. Most fashion books only talk about fashion. But this book is different because it’s very comprehensive. It even teaches you how to create a beautiful environment at home. This is definitely a good skill that you can learn to make your Sugar Daddy happy so that he will make you happy.

Money, Money, Money

#7. Money: A Love Story (by Kate Northrup)

Kate Northrup’s book is an Amazon bestseller. If you are not good at personal finances, this book should be your starting point because it’s very easy to read and understand. Most importantly, it’s easy to implement: You can use the information in this book immediately.

#8. Rich Dad, Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki)

This is a classic book about personal finances. This book not only teaches you important information about how to make money but also shows you how rich men operate in business and in life. Once you’ve read this book, you are equipped with the knowledge that you need to maintain a healthy relationship with a rich Sugar Daddy.

Relationships and Dating

#9. Sex at Dawn (by Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jethá)

Finally, you can’t avoid talking about sex in the sugar bowl, can you? Sex at Dawn is a phenomenal book which shows you the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality. This book tells you a lot about male psychology and human nature because it is about the evolution of monogamy in humans and human mating systems. Our sexual evolution is the cornerstone of understanding Sugar Daddies’ sexuality.

#10. Boundaries in Dating (by Henry Cloud)

Lastly, setting up boundaries is the first thing you should do in an arrangement. If this is a new concept to you, you must check out this book now because you can’t miss out on the basic rules in the sugar bowl. If you are going to marry your Sugar Daddy, you may want to read Henry Cloud’s Boundaries in Marriage instead.