Top 10 Mistakes You Can Make In Sugar Daddy Messaging

By Joel Syder

Jan 22, 2019

Wondering how to impress your sugar daddy or your sugar baby? Here are some things to avoid:

Chatting with only one person

This is a mistake most sugar babies and daddies make. They start talking with multiple people and then one starts to stand out. Then you forget about everyone else and focus on closing that one arrangement. This is not good. You don’t get into the college safely by just applying to one. Likewise, don’t stick to just one person until you have a deal. Chat with more people in more places. This is the reason there are so many platforms out there.

Being too direct

Of course, you both know what is going to happen after a while, but neither of you has to be so direct about it. It’s rude, it’s breaking the magic of getting to know one another and it might even ruin your chances of getting your sugar daddy or sugar baby. Wait for a bit, get to know them a little and then move on to the dirtier details.

Looking down at the other party

There is no reason for this, yet so many sugar daddies do it to their girls. This is a real person, an equal to you. It should be your mission to keep her happy. In fact, the nicer you are, the more the sugar baby will do for you and the nicer she’ll be. It’s much better to treat her like a princess than as a pauper.

Expecting that they owe you

Expecting that the sugar baby owes you and holding her allowance against her can’t end in a good way. Keep in mind that there are many men out there willing to be nice to her and not holding anything against her – she could easily leave.

Talking only about yourself

No matter the type of arrangement you two have, you need to be interesting and entertaining to her if you want to keep her around. For one, stop talking about yourself. Make an effort to have a real conversation, to get to know her beyond just what you can do for each other. While sugar babies need to be actively involved in the conversation, so do sugar daddies.

Being impolite

“Keep your insults to yourself. It’s a bad thing if you just enter the conversation with someone and you start swearing, being rude or too forward with him or her. While it’s perfectly fine to some of them, you still need to take the time to get to know her or him a bit better and understand the limits to which you can go,” says Hannah Grimes, CEO of dating site at 1Day 2write.

Forgetting things

It’s completely understandable that you have a few people who you are talking to and that it can be hard to remember what you talked about with your sugar baby but there is no reason why she should know that. Forgetting something is disrespectful and you should learn to remember the important things she told you. Likewise, she should remember the important things you told her.

Writing poorly

Being bad at grammar and spelling can definitely help you lose some of the better sugar daddies or babies out there. These people are generally well-educated and they expect you to be as well. If you are not sure if something you wrote is accurate grammatically, type it into Word or Google Docs or Grammarly and then see if you have made any mistakes. These errors are definitely a huge turn off for both parties.

Mixing up conversations

This is a mistake similar to the one about forgetting, only it’s a bit worse. If you tell your sugar daddy or sugar baby something that wasn’t even mentioned in your conversation. This can make them feel disrespected and it will make them less interested in you. If you can’t keep your conversations apart, you should make writing things down.


“Never lie to your sugar baby or sugar daddy. It will always be found out and then you will be on the spot. Be as honest as possible and enjoy getting to know a real person behind the screen,” says Farah Simpson, dating site analyst at Writemyx and Brit student.