How to Train Your Sugar Daddy

By Mina Cigar

May 23, 2017

Your Sugar Daddy has you on his pedestal. You have both agreed on terms and now you find yourself in a helpful and lucrative arrangement. Absolutely fabulous Baby, you made it the best place you can and well done! So from here, where do you take it? In this article I will explain to you how to train your daddy into being the ultimate Sugar provider.

The Understanding

By now you an and Daddy have come up with a mutually beneficial agreement that is intriguing and beneficial to you both. You now have room to take it to the next level from here. If he is asking for more time with you than originally agreed, or if you find yourself spending more time on projects, trip planning or research all of which take up time, ask for an up in your allowance.


Lux Life

At this point he trusts you and likes your suggestions  He enjoys spending time with you, spoiling you and seeing you pleased. You have proven reliable and now you have some room to take it to the next level and check off some things on your own personal “must experience” list. This is where your homework comes in. Having an ongoing list of things YOU would like to experience will come in handy when suggesting dates and trips together.

You will of course need his credit card number and the go-ahead to make reservations beforehand. I recommend reading foodie blogs, travel and leisure magazines and local city event publications to find out about events in your area. Personally, I am a foodie and prefer the “fine dining” experience. I look for reservation only chef tastings and new restaurants openings. While vacationing I love to find an upscale Sunday Brunch.

Tip: If the brunch reviews fail to mention a caviar station, skip it. Cheap champagne comes at an expensive price and you’ll likely have to sit for hours with mediocre cuisine and boring bubbly induced conversation, unless you do your research. Yikes!

Easy Breezy Sustainability

Let me be frank. Often you will find that it is expected for you to maintain the “subordinate” role when he is paying the way. It is a fine line to walk because it is your best interest to make sure plans go smoothly, without appearing to take the “lead”. There are exceptions to this of course when you may ask you to be in the drivers seat.
An example being if you are traveling together in a country where you speak the language and he does not. Ultimately, your daddy wants things to be easy. Be organized! That is a great way to make sure plans go smooth, so be on top of it. Call ahead of time to confirm reservations. If you are flying separately to meet somewhere, track his flight and give him updates.

“Hi Handsome, I’m just calling to let you know your flight is on-time and I went ahead and checked you in on-line. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU !”

Maintain simplicity will be make for a beautiful sustainable arrangement for a long time to come.