Traveling for Sugar

By Heather P

May 09, 2017

One of the most daunting, yet exciting things that can happen to Sugar Baby is meeting a new Sugar Daddy. Depending on where you live, you may have to meet a Sugar Daddy who lives in another city, state or even country! Here are a few tips to follow before you make the decision to travel for sugar.

You’ve Got This in The Bag

Make sure that you pack enough clothing for the length of the trip with regards to the weather when you’re traveling for sugar. Going to a warm beachy location? Add some cute sandals and a flattering bathing suit. Cold, snowy city? Pack your favorite cold weather accessories. Also, be sure to pack a miniature set of body products (Summers Eve Cloths, Shower Wipes, Body Spray) so that you can keep yourself as fresh and clean as possible before meeting a Pot. On the go body products are great and you can use them virtually anywhere from the backseat of a S-Class to an airplane bathroom.

Ready, Jet, Go!

The way in which you’ll be whisked away to meet a potential sugar daddy says a lot about him and his net worth. Is he paying for a first-class ticket? Sending a driver? Picking you up himself? “Reimbursing” you for travel? These are key things to pay attention to. If a sugar daddy doesn’t want to invest in providing you with safe and/or luxe transport, do you really want to invest your time on him?

Accommodations Fit for a Sugar Princess

As tempting as Daddy’s Malibu Mansion, Cozy Country Home or Luxurious NYC Condo might be, never let that be the first place you meet or stay in. Ask Daddy to book you a hotel or a cute Airbnb. (Also let him know that you absolutely looooove the Ritz ; ) )

Spending Time Wisely

When you’re in town, show interest in doing things that are touristy or maybe trying small cafes or restaurants that locals might frequent. Try to bring your potential sugar daddy around. If he is unable to show you around, discover his city on your own! Ask him about his favorite places for food etc. and go try them out! Take lots of cute photos to send afterwards so that you can show him how interested you are in getting to know him and his city.

Some of My Experiences

When I first met a Pot in another a city, I was lucky that it was actually in my hometown which is about 3 hours from where I live now. It was a great way to spend time with my family again while spending time with a Pot. I stayed at home for a week and went out with the Pot every day for lunch or dinner. By the third evening, he invited me to his weekend country lake house.

The Second time, my experience was not as great. The Potential Sugar Daddy flew me first class to see him while I was in the middle of spring break. We didn’t set up a plan about timing and where I would be staying so I ended up at his place. It was boring since he worked A LOT and I spent most of the time I was there in the mall. It sounds fun but after the third day, it gets boring. We also didn’t have great chemistry.
When traveling for sugar, keeping in mind the above key points can help make your travels a bit more smooth and enjoyable. Traveling for sugar can be fun and exciting! Have you or do you travel for sugar? Where do you go? Share your experiences below!

And, Bon Voyage!