Tried and True Dating Tips

By Avianna

Jun 25, 2018

I have been in the Bowl for over a year so I have learned what to do and what not to do. That is the greatest benefit of experience. It is invaluable and I will share with you some tips that will hopefully keep you safe, happy and enjoying life to the fullest.


If it sounds too good to be true then it is. There are “Salt Daddies” who like the idea of upgrading your life but don’t actually ever intend to. It’s the equivalent of being an aspiring pop singer and an ‘industry expert’ telling you that he’ll make you a star. This POT has just come across your profile online, why would he be promising so much? Don’t fall for it. If you want to see if this POT is sincere, say thanks and tell him that you do not desire so much, more humble gifts and activities are appreciated. If he delivers on gifting you smaller goods then he may be genuine, if not then you were right not to take the bait.

The First Date

Following on from this, knowing now that a POT who offers to buy you a house or take you on an unlimited shopping spree is too good to be true. Events such as dinner or a visit to the theatre are much more sincere and something you can expect to happen. But with this, comes all the first date worries and fears. Fear not, I gotchu!

I always worry about whether I may be stood up. You clear your schedule, get dolled up, travel in, and then a no-show. To avoid this, arrange a date on a day you have other things you can do in the area of the date. For example, if you are having a dinner date at 6pm, head in early and do some errands and then you can pop on some lipstick and be ready for the date. If it’s a no-show, no biggie because you didn’t go in just for the date. Furthermore, it may work out to arrange two dates on the same day, one being a lunch date and the other being a dinner date perhaps. This has always worked out for me, so give it a go.


Safety is very important. Listen to your gut instincts. If you get bad vibes from someone, listen to your inner self and don’t meet them. If you are unsure and it seems all a bit too fast, postpone to another day and if the POT is okay with this it shows he is understanding and accommodating.

Meet somewhere you know well and are comfortable in. Avoid going to places you’ve never been before. If you are, go early during daylight and get familiar with the area, i.e., where the nearest station is, bus stops, taxi cabs, etc.

Tell a friend where you’re going. You don’t have to tell them it’s a Sugar Date. Tell them that you are meeting someone and where you are meeting them. It is also a good idea to tell them when you plan to be home so they can check that you are home safe.

Set boundaries for the date. Don’t expect too much of yourself or the POT. It is just a date so just expect to talk and have a nice time. If he wants more do not be afraid to say no. Make it clear that you are interested in an arrangement, not a quick bedroom affair. If he truly wants an arrangement, he will be happy to hear this.

Don’t Overthink

You learn not to overthink over time, but initially, it can be very easy to overthink and over-analyze. Be yourself and don’t try to be something you’re not. Make an effort but do not change yourself. If you try to always say and do the right things you will come across as rigid. That is because you are. You are holding ‘you’ back. Let the ‘you’ shine! Follow your instincts and not your over-active thoughts.

Do Follow His Lead

Let him pursue you. Do not bombard him with messages and requests. Act cool and confident and make him want you. Desperation is not attractive.