True Confidence on First Dates

By Bria Lea

Feb 14, 2018
True confidence is sexy, attractive and keeps you at your best when looking for something new. Know what it is that you want when dating. You can get that through having true confidence. Don’t be overly cocky. Instead be genuinely true to yourself and confident in the dating world today when it comes to finding the right kind of Sugar Daddy.

For example, being the one to start the conversation or not being afraid to start a new profile on SeekingArrangement if you are new to it. Meeting someone for the first time after talking on SeekingArrangement can be a little awkward. It’s all about not being scared to show them who you are and getting to know one another the first time meeting.

What to Wear

You want to dress for the right venue and occasion. It’s important that you are comfortable and not wear anything too tight or revealing. Don’t get too fancy, over wear too much makeup, or try too hard. Do just be yourself, maybe wear your favorite dress or something that makes you feel really good.

Be confident from within and don’t seek material goods to cover yourself up. Maybe wear that new outfit in your closet that you never found a time to wear it until now. You want to keep your clothes on for the first date anyways. Know where you are going and then you can find something to wear that kind of goes with the location. I think what is most important is that you wear what is comfortable and you do you.

Where To Go

Places to go can either be discrete or local. It’s important to meet in a public place with other people around you. Some good places include small coffee shops or restaurants. Go to places where it’s not that crowded. Try spots where you’ve been before.

If you’re meeting a new Sugar Daddy and want to try something new, meet them at the beach or park, someplace where there are places to walk around with a good view. If they ask you where you want to go meet up, suggest a place that you’ve been before or a new place that you want to try out.

Good Conversation

On the first date, don’t give it all up in one night. Talk about things that you have in common and ask for his sign, because horoscopes are always somewhat predictable. A good way to keep a conversation going is to talk about certain topics that interest the both of you, but don’t talk about yourself too much. If he starts to talk about himself a lot and is overly cocky, then just change the subject gracefully.

Confidence is key. It is an important virtue when it comes to sugaring and so is empowering yourself to raise the standards. Don’t be scared to ask him questions and be straightforward when it comes to certain things like if they’re single, have been married before, or what they want when in a relationship with someone. Good conversations always start at the end of your comfort zone.

During Dinner

Ask what your Sugar Daddy is looking for. Get specific as in traveling, lifestyle, allowance, and intimacy. A good conversation involves not just one of you talking only about yourself the whole entire time, but it’s both of you getting to know one another. Also, I find it to be that a good conversation involves talking about things that make you happy in life, what you enjoy doing, and what truly brings out the best in you.

True confidence on a first date is all about being yourself, getting to know one another, and seeing where it goes from there.