Trusting Your Sugar Baby Instincts

By Brownsugarbaby

Jul 16, 2016

Our instincts can be a powerful source of self-protection when used correctly. Sometimes we dismiss our own feelings and extend the benefit of the doubt to those who intend to do us harm. There is a delicate balance between being too trusting and too suspicious. çHere are some techniques to keep in mind as you work on trusting your Sugar Baby instincts.

The Physical Feeling

When something isn’t quite right our bodies often send us warning signs. In situations of danger or distress fear kicks in and hits certain areas of our bodies. An upset stomach, racing heart and cold sweat can all be signals that your body senses something is wrong. Relating this to Sugar dating, it can be that nagging feeling in the back of your mind when you first start talking to a POT that something is just off about him.  Don’t ignore these warnings from your body, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Pay Attention to your Feelings

Don’t freak out when the physical warnings mentioned above happen. Think of this as an alarm sounding off in your body, asking you to wake up and pay attention. Sometimes you may be worrying over nothing, but you always want to figure out why those negative feelings popped up in the first place. Ignoring your feelings could lead to wasting time with a Salt Daddy or missing out on a really great Sugar Daddy.   

Standing Up For Yourself

We’ve all been in situations where we want to be nice and respectful to others. Often times women will allow ourselves to be pushed around in order to keep the peace. The next time an authority figure such as a professor, a boss or even a Sugar Daddy asks something of you, ask yourself if it makes sense for you. And if does not, then you have the right to ask questions. Just because a Sugar Daddy has money and power, that does not mean that you have to do everything they say, or that you should be forced into doing something that you’re uncomfortable doing.  Remember that you have the right to say no and walk away at anytime.


Intuition means to be guided from your inner-self. It’s important to start listening to yourself and your feelings and making decisions that work for you.