How to Use Femininity to Your Advantage

By JadeSeashell

Apr 25, 2018

Because modern-day society rewards masculine energy, “strong women” wear pants and behave like men in the corporate world. They think when they look like men they can compete with men.  Most Sugar Babies are ambitious women who want to have a successful future. Whether their femininity is an advantage or disadvantage has become a frequent topic of discussion.  Now I’d like to clarify that femininity is a Sugar Baby’s No. 1 advantage and in this article, you will learn how to leverage this gift!

Why femininity is a huge advantage

Women love fashion and makeup by nature. We are biologically programmed to attract men.  When current magazines show you pictures of boring outfits that make you look masculine (and they claim that’s the popular look now), I would argue that those magazines are misleading.  Let me explain: Because the goal of wearing a new outfit is to attract men, you have to understand what elements men find attractive. The truth is men are attracted to elements that can’t appear on themselves, i.e. lace, flowers, pearls, butterflies, love hearts, pink, etc.  If something can’t be worn by a guy, it’s the right item to have! Therefore, smart Sugar Babies are always equipped with feminine outfits!

How to look more feminine

In order to look more feminine, you need to make sure your clothes, hair, and makeup are all done in a feminine way. Do some research and find out which fashion brands offer feminine clothes. Don’t cut your hair too short. Wear a hot pink lip color.  A great way to upgrade your feminine look is to wear statement earrings. When your gorgeous earrings are shining through your sexy hair, Sugar Daddies can’t resist that!

How to behave in a more feminine way

Never talk with a loud voice.  Studies found that when a person is talking with a loud voice, others are more likely to be absent-minded. They think since this person’s voice is so loud, it’s impossible for them to miss anything.  In contrast, when you talk with a gentle voice, people actually pay more attention to you because they think they need to listen more carefully. That’s the power of a feminine voice. Also, when you wear high heels you walk like a lady.  You can practice walking in high heels if you are not sure whether you can do it well.

Where does the feminine power come from?

Because a high-value Sugar Baby has core confidence she dares to behave in a feminine in a gentle way.  She doesn’t need to look like the toughest person in the world.  Her core confidence is the source of the feminine power. When she looks like a real lady Sugar Daddies automatically want to help her because successful men want to feel that they are needed by sweet women.

Bonus Tip

Researchers conducted an experiment with two groups of women: Group A sat down at a table with a cup of hot drink in front of each person. Group B sat down at another table with a glass of cold drink in front of each individual.  Then everybody talked to a stranger that they’d never met before. Thirty minutes later every woman evaluated what they thought of the stranger that they talked to. The findings are a bit surprising: all members in Group A gave positive feedback on the person they talked to, whereas nearly all members in Group B gave relatively negative feedback on the person they talked to.

Researchers analyzed the footage of each conversation and realized that when Group A was talking to strangers. Everyone in this group looked more gentle, relaxed and warm. By contrast, women in Group B looked colder. Researchers interviewed those strangers who participated in the study and found similar results: those who talked to women in Group A considered these women feminine, radiant and beautiful. Those who talked to women in Group B considered these women to be high-maintenance or difficult to deal with!  Next time when you date a Sugar Daddy, make sure you two have a hot drink on your first date. That alone will make your dynamics more feminine!