What are men looking for on your profile?

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

Though it seems men are just copying and pasting messages, that doesn’t mean they aren’t reading your profile. Creating the perfect profile is an art, and you need to keep the audience in mind. This is the number one place you can market yourself, and attract the right kind of man.

The most important thing is your default picture. Selfies work generally well, but you want to be direct with no strange angles or filters. You also need to have a few private pictures. Potential Daddies will need to request to view them, and that already starts a message thread between you two. They don’t have to be revealing, but I would suggest a bikini picture because he’ll likely want to see your body. Rotate your default to attract new and different men on a weekly basis.

Keywords are powerful search tools as well. Lots of Sugar Daddies are looking for a woman in college or university since they are likely to be ambitious and intelligent. Even if you’re not currently in school, putting something about attending college or being a student in the future can benefit you, while showcasing your ambition.

Most importantly, take the time to write something thoughtful. So many women write things like “I’m just trying this out” or “Not sure what I’m looking for.” Please don’t put statements that make you seem wishy-washy or boring. List your hobbies, your dreams, your best assets. If you have stunning green eyes or a voluptuous build, mention it! You want to set yourself apart in all the right ways.

My final tip: check your spelling, and have a friend glance over your profile before posting. It can take up to 24 hours for profiles to be approved, and another 24 hours for any changes, even if it’s just a spelling mistake. Have all that ironed out before you submit. After your profile is approved, be sure to login everyday to stay at the top of searches.

Do you have any tips for a great profile?