What Does His Car Say About Him?

By Fallon

Dec 28, 2016

I must admit, one of the first things that pops into my head when I meet a man or book a date is “ What type of car does he drive?”  It isn’t purely a materialistic inquiry, I ask with the hope of maybe learning more about what type of man he is and what his personality is like.

So what does his car say about him? There is scientific research associated with the personality types associated with certain types of cars. I’m here to provide a more casual take on five categories of cars and what to expect from their owners.

The Luxury Sedan Owner

Think Mercedes S550 or Audi A7…Luxury driving with huge sex appeal. These cars scream “I’ve got it all!” Their drivers have attained the pinnacle of their profession. They’re educated, intelligent, well-traveled, and sophisticated. They don’t skimp on any detail in their life.

Their crystal is the finest, their wine cellar the most curated, and their suits hand tailored. They are strong, confident types who are ironically understated and smooth in their presence.

Dating a Sugar Daddy with one of these in his garages means he finest restaurants, the most luxurious hotels and resorts, and the most incredible shopping a girl could dream of!

Now, if you’re a Sugar Baby looking for all this and a bit of a bad boy then consider….

The Luxury Convertible or Sports Car Owner

Here you’ll find the BMW 6 Series convertible, the uber sexy Audi R8 Spyder that screams sex and bad boy “let’s go to my yacht this afternoon…”. Behind the wheel you’ll find a man who has many of the attributes of his sedan driving counterpart but he’ll definitely be more edgy and ready to play hard.

You’ll be treated to a sexy night at the casino followed by a flight to Miami and some fun on the coast. Don’t forget your sexiest bikini… he’s sure to insist you wear at least half of it – or maybe just some tanning oil – on the yacht while sipping Champagne in the afternoon sun.

If a Sugar Sister is looking for more of a sexy outdoorsman type – then consider…

The Luxury Suv Owner

He’s loaded Range Rover or BMW X5 M with the kayaks and he’s ready for some adventure. He’s more comfortable on a surfboard than in the boardroom. Not to say he didn’t just get off a conference call with the office in Hong Kong but now he’s ready to de-stress with some outdoor adventure and wrap up the day with a stop at the local brewery.

His closet is full of Arc’teryx with a suit or two – because even the most casual tech millionaire needs to wear a suit every so often. He’ll love your love of yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, and hiking and will be taking you on action packed holidays. You’ll definitely dine on the finest but Manhattan will be thousands of miles away. Be prepared to have real conversation – he’ll appreciate your opinions and the dialogue between the two of you.

So you’re thinking, I love the conversation and the appreciation for the outdoors but I’d rather save the planet than hike over it…. then look for an eco-friendly car owner…

The Luxury Electric or Hybrid Owner

Not just the land of Prius’ anymore…now we have Tesla – where luxury meets eco-friendly. One could as easily find an almond milk and granola loving driver behind the wheel as easily as a champagne and caviar loving driver. Tesla made electric both functional and sexy. Regardless of your Tesla Sugar Daddy’s dietary habits, here you’re sure to find a man with an eye on the future, an appreciation of technology, and a desire for a sense of the sex appeal most men want in their sports car.

While his Sugar Daddy spending habits may quite possibly be a bit more reserved compared to others, he’ll definitely keep you in the lap of luxury, engage you in lively discussion, enjoy your company while speaking at an industry conference, or mentor you on how to build a wonderful future for yourself.

…and last but not least we have the connoisseur of the collectible. The man who is connected to luxury of yesteryear.

The Luxury Collectible Car Owner

This hobby is no longer just for the older Sugar Daddy. These ,en appreciate the power and sex appeal of vintage sports cars. These men appreciate the timeless classics and luxury that spans the decades. Their knowledge is vast and while they take their cars very seriously, they seem to have a more relaxed approach to life. They’re not frivolous by any means but they don’t get bent out of shape easily. Easygoing sophistication.

This type of man may be a bit harder to pin down as a result of being not as emotionally accessible. But, he’ll surely keep you entertained with stories, experiences, and knowledge. You’ll certainly enjoy the finest of everything – he’s a man who knows the value of lasting quality over flash and trends.

I’d say 9 times out of 10 I’m able to gauge my Sugar Daddy (or a POT) by the car he drives. I hope the above will give you some insight into the mindset of your SD. Either way, enjoy the ride!