What His Cocktail Says About Him

By Kaye

Mar 16, 2016

So you’re on a date with a potential Sugar Daddy, who you know nothing about. Take into consideration what drink he orders. His cocktail order may reveal more than you think…

The Manhattan

Created in NYC in the early 1870s, The Manhattan is considered one of the manliest cocktails out there. Consisting of two ounces of American whiskey and a dash of bitters, this stiff drink is not for the faint of heart. If Daddy is sipping a Manhattan, he is in the mood to unwind. Tip: ask for his Maraschino cherry.  

Old Fashioned

Bourbon or whiskey over one sugar cube – he means business. This cocktail first appearing in 1800’s is often consumed once a business deal has been made. Chances are, Daddy is on the serious side and used to closing the deal if he is regularly going for the Old Fashioned.


Anyone sipping wine has immediate class and smoothness. A man who indulges in his whites and reds is likely to favor control, organization and is particularly confident. This is a great opportunity for a conversation, since most people who drink wine like to talk about it. Mention a fun fact, how a real Malbec is only found in Argentina because of the elevation the grapes are grown, and he’ll be super impressed.

Gin & Tonic

Standard in a frat boy’s diet, this crisp and powerful drink gets right to the point. Gin and Tonic is a notorious order for anyone looking to get drunk and who doesn’t necessarily care about flavor or taste. So if Daddy goes for these, chances are he hasn’t really evolved since his college drinking days.

Jack and Coke

Similar to a Gin & Tonic, this order is a popular one among college men, some who later become Sugar Daddies. A drink made by deluding cheap whiskey with sugary soda without the harsh taste of alcohol. If Daddy is drinking a Jack and Coke, he’s feeling playful and in the mood for a good time.

Dirty Martini

Straight vodka or gin with olives and vermouth. This sleek and potent cocktail is a classic and screams maturity. A man who orders the martini favors simplicity, knows exactly what he wants and can hold his own. Tip: ask if he drinks it with gin or vodka, and if he likes it extra dirty.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage

This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a non-drinker, but if you notice he orders a non-alcoholic beverage use this as a conversation starter. You can ask why he doesn’t drink, if he minds that you drink, why he chose to meet at a bar, etc. He may be on a strict diet, health conscious, or could be recovering from previous addiction. Either way, use this as an opportunity to get the dialogue going!

So while you’re busy analyzing him based off his cocktail order, just remember not to get too drunk yourself.